Dentistry in Kiev with a guarantee

In dentistry "Victoria Dent" in Pechersk

Benefits of dental treatment in dentistry Victoria Dent

  • We treat teeth and canals under a microscope;
  • No pain - thanks to computer anesthesia;
  • We fill the channels of hot gutta-percha - as carefully and durable as possible;
  • We use exclusively original materials from leading manufacturers;
  • We give a guarantee of 12 months for all procedures;

High-quality and inexpensive dental treatment in Kyiv is one of the main topics when visiting a dental clinic. Our specialists have high-precision devices and a large arsenal of modern materials to provide quality service to the patient. Our clinic has X-ray diagnostic equipment with a radiation dose of 10% of a conventional X-ray, as well as modern computer painless anesthesia.

Our clinic complies with the high standards of services provided for inexpensive dental treatment in Kiev, namely:
- dental filling (an effective way to restore a damaged tooth and cure caries);
- restoration of the tooth (with the help of modern materials, not only the appearance improves, but also the chewing function of the tooth is restored);
- treatment of caries and tooth sensitivity;
- treatment of pulpitis, which occurs due to the penetration of infection into the tooth cavity;
- treatment of periodontitis, which occurs when the process of inflammation passes from the pulp to the top of the tooth root, affecting the surrounding tissues.

Even if you think that there are no problems with your teeth and gums (the color of the enamel has not changed, there are no pain sensations and bad breath), do not forget that pulpitis, caries and other types of tooth disease in the initial stages, as a rule, can be inconspicuous and will not cause you any particular discomfort. Therefore, it is recommended to visit dentistry as a preventive measure once every six months, so that your dental treatment in the future would be inexpensive and of high quality.

Our dentists at Victoria Dent will help you find a beautiful and healthy smile, as well as take into account all the essential factors for successful dental treatment in the shortest possible time. Our dentists advise not to bring the treatment to a critical point and observe oral hygiene, since in the human body, as a rule, everything is interconnected.

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