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Art restoration of teeth

Minor chips or loss of a part of the tooth, cracks in the enamel or too large gaps between the teeth - all this affects the beauty of a smile and creates feelings of psychological discomfort in a person. Modern dentistry solves these problems and returns the beauty and perfection of a smile through the artistic restoration of teeth. With the help of pins and photopolymer materials, you can not only improve the appearance, but also restore the chewing functions of the tooth. Artistic restoration of teeth Kyiv is carried out in our dental clinic Victoria Dent.

Artistic restoration of teeth Kyiv
Artistic restoration of teeth allows you to get rid of chipped and chipped teeth.

Types of tooth restoration

Art restoration (building) of teeth is a three-dimensional concept. Which type of work to choose depends on the size of the chip and the general condition of the tooth. How distorted the shape of the tooth is, how damaged the enamel is, whether there are diseases or pathological changes in internal tissues - all this affects the choice of restoration method. There are two of them. The first is to extend the tooth using photopolymer materials, the second - by filling with a pin.

- The first method is used in cases where the anatomical shape of the tooth has minor defects, as well as in the presence of large gaps between the teeth. Depending on the condition and color of the tooth, the doctor selects materials that are as close as possible to the color of the remaining teeth.
- The second method is indispensable in the presence of a significant chip, in which you can do without prosthetics. A fiberglass pin is mounted in the tooth, on which a strong seal is installed.

As a rule, tooth extension is performed under local anesthesia, but at the request of the patient, such an operation can be performed under general anesthesia.

Dental restoration at Victoria Dent Clinic

Teeth extension (and especially restoration of the anterior teeth) is practically a jeweler's work requiring special training and knowledge. The doctors at our Victoria Dent clinic are experienced professionals with many years of experience. Their high qualifications are supplemented with the latest equipment and modern environmentally friendly and safe materials. We guarantee our patients that everyone who came to us about the artistic restoration of teeth will leave the office with an impeccable smile that will delight for many years!

Benefits of dental treatment in dentistry Victoria Dent

  • We treat teeth and canals under a microscope
  • No pain - thanks to computer anesthesia
  • We use exclusively original materials from leading manufacturers
  • We give a guarantee of 12 months for all procedures

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