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When the inflammatory process passes from the pulp to the top of the tooth root, affecting the surrounding tissue, periodontitis occurs.

Signs of acute periodontitis

One of the characteristic symptoms of periodontitis can be called the appearance of initially weak, then intensifying pain. Its difference from pain with pulpitis is a clear localization and a sharp increase in mechanical action on a diseased tooth, for example when chewing.

Closing teeth in acute periodontitis is so painful that many patients refuse even liquid food. At the same time, body temperature may increase moderately (up to 37.5 ° C).

Often observed:

- swelling of the lips and cheeks;
- swelling of the gums;
- Tooth mobility.

If you are concerned about these symptoms, you may have developed acute periodontitis and you should see an immediate visit to the dentist.

How is chronic periodontitis manifested?

It is not necessary to ignore and sluggishly flowing chronic periodontitis. Its symptoms are manifested by unpleasant sensations in the tooth area:

- severity;
- Feeling of fullness;
- Soreness when chewing a sick tooth.

Sometimes periodontitis of a chronic form does not manifest itself in any way and is found only on an x-ray taken during the treatment of adjacent teeth.

The disease is quite serious, but it is being treated. The main thing is not to delay contacting a specialist and start the treatment of periodontitis in Kyiv in time by our clinic specialists. The key to recovery is a timely visit to a doctor. After all, teeth affected by periodontitis can give a complication to other organs: the heart, kidneys, even joints.

Come to our dentistry at the first sign of incipient periodontitis. Then the probability that we can quickly stop the pathological process will be the highest.

You can obtain more detailed information on how to treat periodontitis, as well as answers to questions related to this topic, at a consultation with our specialists.

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