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Pulpitis is an inflammation of the soft tissue of the tooth (pulp) that occurs as a result of infection entering the tooth cavity. Pulpitis is a complication of caries, and if treatment is not started on time, new complications may arise. For example, tooth loss or inflammation of the jaw bone. Pulpitis is easily treatable at an early stage, treatment of pulpitis is one of the most common procedures in therapeutic dentistry. And the sooner the patient goes to the clinic, the more simple and quick the treatment will be. The Victoria Dent dental clinic provides qualified treatment for pulpitis in Kiev.

Symptoms of pulpitis

With inflammation of the tooth nerve, the patient is concerned about toothache, increased sensitivity of the tooth to temperature extremes, mechanical stress, certain types of food (sweet, spicy, etc.). At later stages, the disease is characterized by persistent acute pain and putrid breath.

Often people do not pay attention to minor painful sensations and postpone the visit to the dentist "for later", relieving pain with analgesics. And in vain, because at later stages, inflammation can penetrate into the bone tissue, and then instead of treating pulpitis, the patient will need surgical intervention.

Treatments for pulpitis

Treatment of inflammation of the dental nerve depends on what stage of the disease. At an early stage, the tooth is cleaned of deposits, the pulp is exposed, a microbinding with calcium dioxide is placed and a temporary filling is placed. After several days, the condition of the pulp is checked using an X-ray. If the inflammation has stopped, the bandage is removed and the tooth is filled.

If the inflammation penetrated deeply, it is necessary to completely remove the nerve, clean the dental canals and fill the cavity. In Soviet times, this treatment was carried out in two stages: first, the dental nerve was killed with arsenic, a hidden temporary filling, then they cleaned and filled the cavity. Modern dentistry allows nerve removal and filling in one step using local anesthesia. Only in exceptional cases, when it is impossible to remove the nerve, doctors resort to a two-stage technique.

Pulpitis Prevention

Daily brushing, proper nutrition, regular (at least once every six months) dental examinations - these simple things will help to avoid the occurrence of the disease and its complications. Timely treatment of caries is also an effective method of preventing pulpitis.

Methods for the treatment of pulpitis in Kyiv clinic Victoria Dent Clinic

Our dental clinic provides qualified treatment of pulpitis at any stage. The professionalism of our doctors is the key to an accurate diagnosis and the right choice of treatment method. Our clinic is equipped with the latest equipment and modern medicines that comply with current European standards. Each patient is guaranteed an individual approach and detailed advice on further care for the oral cavity.

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