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Caries treatment

Caries is one of the most common dental diseases. If you do not start the treatment of caries on time, complications can occur that lead to tooth loss.

As a result, masticatory functions are disturbed, the bite spoils. Qualified treatment of caries is carried out by specialists of our dentistry «Victoria Dent».

What is caries?

Caries is the destruction of dental tissue with the formation of a cavity under the influence of external factors. The initial stage of caries is the defeat and destruction of tooth enamel. Deep caries is the stage when the disease penetrates the dentin.

Stages of caries development

Causes of caries

One of the main causes of tooth decay is harmful cariogenic bacteria that live in the oral cavity. Plaque is the most favorable environment for their reproduction. The destructive effect of these bacteria on tooth enamel is exacerbated by its mechanical damage - chips, scratches, cracks. A lack of calcium in the body also leads to the destruction of enamel and, as a consequence, to the development of caries.

Why caries should be treated

If treatment of caries is not started in time, the disease affects the internal tissues of the tooth and passes into pulpitis (inflammation of the neurovascular bundle) or periodontitis (inflammation of the ligaments of the tooth). The tooth decays from the inside, and bad breath is the most harmless consequence of this process. And even tooth loss is not the worst. The infection that accumulates in the cavity formed passes through the bloodstream into the body. From complex diseases to blood poisoning - this is what can turn out to be a refusal to treat tooth decay.


The most common treatment for caries is tooth filling. However, at the initial stage, you can do without it. Caries at the spot stage is treated with a course of remineralizing applications that strengthen tooth tissue and prevent the development of the disease.

The result of dental caries treatment in dentistry at Pechersk "Victoria Dent"

Caries treatment in Kyiv Victoria Dent Clinic

Despite the fact that caries is the most common disease on the planet, and mankind has not yet invented anything fundamentally new in its treatment, there are still advantages of caries treatment in the Victoria Dent clinic. Our equipment is the latest, meeting the latest world standards.

The result of caries treatment

Our doctors are professionals with many years of experience and experience. An individual approach is taken for each patient, and treatment is selected individually, taking into account both the stage of the disease, age, and physical characteristics of the patient.

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