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Tooth filling in Kiev is a simple and effective way to cure tooth decay or restore a damaged tooth.

How is a filling placed on a tooth?

The process of installing a seal on a tooth is simple and takes, on average, no more than an hour:

- after a short consultation, you choose the material of the dental filling;

- the doctor cleans the tooth from infected tissues;

- Picks the color of the future fillings in tone with a healthy tooth;

- gradually fills the hole with material and waits until it hardens. This step is repeated several times;

- hardened seal is polished so as not to interfere with the natural bite;

What are dental fillings?

There are several types of dental fillings depending on the service life and material.

The process of installing dental fillings in dentistry "Victoria Dent"

Temporary dental fillings are installed for a limited time with a specific purpose - to continue treatment after a few days. The fact is that sometimes a dentist needs time to properly diagnose a problem, and often, to recover a tooth, you need to put medicine in it for a certain period of time. It is clear that one cannot walk with an opened tooth, it is fraught with infection. The solution is a temporary seal. It is set for up to 21 days and is later replaced by a constant.

It is important to remember that a temporary seal is not a complete replacement for a permanent one. The material of manufacture and the features of the installation make it much less durable and increase the risk of loss.

Permanent dental fillings are designed for years of active chewing. Modern materials that are used in dentistry by Victoria Dent (Victoria Dent), at an early stage to prevent the disease and not think about prosthetics or dental implants in the future.

We do not put metal, gold or plastic seals that were popular before. All this is a relic of the past, in addition, many of these dental fillings are also toxic.

Dental fillings - materials

The most high-quality materials for dental fillings are glass-dimensional cements and photopolymer composites.

The first - fully justifies its name. Like ordinary cement, from which houses are built, glass ionomer material fills the hole in the tooth and "cementes" it.

Photopolymer seal is installed a little differently - such a seal freezes only under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. The advantage is not only physical, but also chemical fixation of the fillings in the tooth.

Tooth filling result

How much does a filling cost per tooth?

The price of dental fillings in dentistry Victoria Dent in Pechersk depends on the selected material and the amount of damage and starts from 310 UAH. for glass and 670 UAH. for photopolymer fillings. More detailed information on the cost and features of the installation of fillings can be independently found in the price list of dentistry or ask our consultant. Call or write - we will be happy to answer and help.

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