Tooth sensitivity treatment

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Have you ever experienced discomfort or discomfort in your teeth when eating too hot or, conversely, too cold food? If such sensations occur and quickly disappear when the temperature effect ends, you have an increased sensitivity of the teeth (in dentistry this is called hyperesthesia). Victoria Dent dentistry provides qualified treatment for tooth sensitivity.

Why does tooth sensitivity occur?

Hyperesthesia occurs when tooth enamel is depleted. When this happens, microtubules connected to the pulp and nerve are exposed. With a sharp change in temperature or a sharp mechanical impact, these microtubules “transmit a signal” to the nerve, and pain occurs.

The causes of hyperesthesia are as follows:

- erosion of tooth enamel;
- open cervical teeth (for example, with gum disease);
- caries.

Also, increased tooth sensitivity can occur after turning to install a crown or after filling.

Diagnosis and treatment of hyperesthesia

Diagnosis of hyperesthesia is carried out in the clinic by visual inspection and mechanical impact. The doctor determines how a particular irritant acts on the teeth, and selects the most optimal solution. This may be a recommendation for daily care using special fluorinated agents, or filling defects, or removing pulp. An innovative method of deep fluoridation can also be used - treating teeth with varnish that covers the tubules of tooth enamel and prevents the appearance of tactile irritations.

Treatment of tooth sensitivity in Kyiv dentistry Victoria Dent

In our dental clinic Victoria Dent, we diagnose and treat hyperesthesia using the latest techniques. We guarantee a long-term result, because on our side are experienced doctors, modern equipment and modern medicines. We provide an individual approach to each patient.

Victoria Dent is always on guard of the health of your teeth!

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