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As practice shows, most people postpone dental treatment for an indefinite period due to the fact that they cannot afford to pay overpriced dentist services in the clinic. Due to the delayed visit to the doctor, the problems are only beginning to worsen and the cost of dental treatment is only increasing. We want to assure our potential customers that the prices of Victoria Dent dentistry in Kiev are inexpensive and democratic for both adults and children, while we use the most advanced and modern devices, equipment, materials and technologies. easier than neglected. As practice shows, the loss of a tooth leads to more expensive treatment by the dentist in comparison with its filling, moreover, all this time a person experiences discomfort and pain.

On the website of the digital dental clinic in Kiev Victoria Dent, you have the opportunity to get acquainted with our prices for these types of services:

- General types of work;
- Therapeutic dentistry;
- Preventive actions;
- Paradontology;
- Orthopedics;
- Outpatient surgery;
- children's dentistry;
- Orthodontic treatment.

In each individual case, the dentist of the corresponding profile will be able to determine the correct complex of treatment that is necessary in the patient's particular case, and the price of specific procedures will depend on this, thanks to which the problem will be eliminated. Sign up for examination and treatment in our digital clinic online, through the website or by calling us at the indicated contact numbers on the website.

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