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Pregnant women are often afraid to go to the dentist and prefer to endure a toothache rather than stressing themselves and the child while sitting in the dental chair. The myths that pregnancy is a contraindication to dental treatment, or that an x-ray will harm the baby’s health, stop future mothers. But is dental treatment dangerous during pregnancy? Is there a need to put it off for later?

Dental treatment in pregnant women: myths and reality

"Pregnancy is one of the contraindications to dental treatment." This myth is only partially true. In the first trimester, visiting a dentist is really not recommended. During this period, the fetal organs and the placenta are not yet formed, and the use of drugs with a degree of probability can affect further development. In the third trimester, without unnecessary necessity, it is also undesirable to treat teeth - stress can provoke a premature birth. The most optimal period for the rehabilitation of the oral cavity is the second trimester.

"Going to the dentist is stress, and stress is harmful to the child." Tolerating a toothache is even more stressful. And the professional, of which all the doctors of our clinic are, without exception, will be able to provide the woman with complete rest during her entire stay in the chair.

"Anesthesia and x-rays are harmful to the fetus." The myth comes from the Soviet Union and the times when dental offices did not have either first-class equipment or high-quality drugs. Medicine develops every day, and new medicines appear. A new generation of medicines that are safe for the fetus under pinpoint exposure are available in our clinic, as well as modern equipment. As for x-rays, then with local exposure, it is also harmless to the fetus. And to protect the chest and abdomen, special protective aprons are used.

Treatment of caries and tooth extraction in pregnant women

During pregnancy, changes in the level of acidity may occur in a woman's oral cavity, and an increase in this level can cause tooth decay. A lack of calcium in the body also leads to the destruction of enamel. Should caries be treated given these conditions? Definitely worth it to avoid complications or tooth loss!

But tooth extraction, including the G8, is better to be postponed if there is no indication for urgent intervention.

Dentistry for pregnant women in Kyiv  dentistry "Victoria Dent"

Our dentistry has everything for high-quality and comfortable dental treatment for expectant mothers! Our clinic is a qualified staff that provides an individual approach to each patient. This is the latest branded equipment. These are medicines safe for mother and fetus. This is not only treatment, but also detailed advice on caring for the oral cavity during pregnancy.

Specialists of the Victoria Dent clinic recommend that pregnant women regularly visit the dentist for a routine examination.

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