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Dental Clinic in Kyiv on Pechersk - Victoria Dent

Victoria Dent is a digital dental clinic in Pechersk that covers all possible problems of the patient.

We combine a high level of service and the best traditions of European and Ukrainian dentistry with modern high-tech treatment methods. We can be trusted with the health of your teeth.

Spring discounts: 10% discount on all dental services, for orthodontic services (braces) 7%, 5% discount on orthopedic services (Promotions are not cumulative).

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The principle of our work: "to help the patient to find the optimal and most importantly the correct solution to the problem" !!! Today, the use of modern dental equipment is an integral part of high-quality dental treatment.

Digital dentistry in Kiev Victoria Dent combines a high level of service and preserves the best traditions of Ukrainian and European dentistry using modern high-tech treatment methods. Dental clinic in Kiev has a wide range of technical capabilities, using modern German equipment, as well as equipment, materials and technologies of the world's leading companies.

Dentistry in Kiev Pechersk region Victoria Dent is unique in that it has the necessary modern, digital equipment to provide high quality of the entire range of dental services, including:

- STA device (computer anesthesia, which is painless and imperceptible for an adult and a small patient);
- Scanner 3 Shape (a unique system for creating digital models of crowns, implants, bracket systems with an accuracy of 6.9 microns);
- Piezotom NSK (ultrasonic device for the most difficult painless tooth extractions with minimal trauma);
- Laser Lite Medics (provides high quality surgical, therapeutic and cosmetic treatment);
- Microscope Calipso (the ability to see hidden carious cavities, cracks, perforations in the diagnosis and treatment of root canals);
- Meta Biomed device (filling with hot gutta-percha, which hermetically secures not only the main canal, but all branches, which prevents the development of infection, cysts and granules);
- Vector Paro device (effective treatment and prevention of gum disease, which does not injure enamel and soft tissues);
- Centrifuge A-PRF (obtaining the patient's own plasma to restore and heal damaged tissues);
- Sirona XIOX Plus (visiograph with a radiation dose of 10% of a conventional X-ray);
- Megenta lamp (high-quality photo-whitening of teeth up to 9 tones);
- Intraoral camera (for increased visualization of the surface of the teeth, mucous membrane and oral cavity);
- Digital video glasses (mobile cinema during the treatment of children and adults).

Our patients in their reviews note that when visiting a digital dental clinic in the center of Kiev, Victoria Dent creates the feeling of a SPA-salon. The internal atmosphere is created by relaxing music in each office, comfortable armchairs, and most importantly, by the caring and polite staff.

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