Surgical dentistry

In dentistry "Victoria Dent" in Pechersk

Benefits of Surgical Dentistry at Victoria Dent


  • No pain - thanks to computer anesthesia;

  • The possibility of surgical interventions in a dream (under general anesthesia);

  • Strict adherence to sterility conditions and the ANTI AIDS / HEPATIT protocol;

  • Guarantee of a successful result;

Previously, it was believed that surgical dentistry in Kyiv was only engaged in the extraction of teeth, but in fact, this is far from the case. Today, Victoria Dent dentistry has great opportunities and resources for maxillofacial surgery, which are aimed at preserving teeth and tissue health for a long time. The field of surgical dentistry includes many different surgical interventions that are performed on the tissues of the maxillofacial region.

In our dental clinic in Pechersk, a dental surgeon will examine the patient's oral cavity, prescribe a diagnostic procedure (X-ray), draw up an individual plan, taking into account the clinical picture, and determine further treatment. All our doctors have professional skills using modern equipment, thanks to which our patients are not familiar with discomfort during treatment.

Services of surgical intervention in dentistry Victoria Dent:
- Dental implantation (a procedure for implanting an artificial titanium root in place of a missing tooth and further installing a crown);
- tooth extraction or wisdom tooth removal without pain due to computer anesthesia;
- removal of a tooth cyst, which occurs as a result of an infection in the root canal;
- resection of the apex of the tooth root is a rather complicated surgical intervention to eliminate part of the tooth root, as well as the elimination of pathologies in the root canal;
- bone grafting is performed under local anesthesia using artificial and natural tissues.

Our dentistry specialists in Pechersk in Kyiv, Victoria Dent, provide an individual approach to each patient, and for the operation, they use modern techniques, equipment of European quality, the latest tools, and medicines.

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