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What is dental implantation?

Lost a tooth? Can't enjoy your meal? Tired of tinkering with dentures? The solution is dental implantation in Kyiv.

Tooth implantation is the procedure of implanting an artificial titanium root into the jaw in place of a missing tooth and installing a crown on it.

Sectional Dental Implant
Sectional Dental Implant

How is dental implantation done?

We’ll warn you right away - dental implantation in Kiev is a rather serious operation, which requires preparation, time and several visits to the dentist.

Implant Imaging
Implant Imaging

Diagnostics. At this stage, you will be required to have a CT scan, according to which the doctor will determine whether the bone tissue is enough for dental implants or if it needs to be increased. You also need to make sure that the neighboring teeth are completely healthy and will not interfere with the engraftment of the titanium root.

Installing the implant. If all is well, the doctor will make a hole in the bone and install a dental implant. The procedure is performed under computer anesthesia, so it won’t hurt. The implant itself is twisted with a cap and sutured by the gum. Within 1-3 weeks, the gum will heal, after which you need to remove the stitches.

Tooth implantation process

Engraftment of a dental implant occurs within 2-3 months, depending on the age and characteristics of the body. Going to the dentist at this time is not necessary, but you still need to follow the process. In case of pain or discomfort, contact the dentist Victoria Dent.

Unfortunately, even from an implant that has taken root, the tooth itself will not grow. To start the process, you need to visit a doctor who will make an incision in the healed gum, remove the plug and install the gum former - a small metal screw that has the shape of a future tooth and prevents the gum from closing the dental implant.

The formation of the gums takes 1-2 weeks, after which a cast is made and a future crown is made.

The final stage of dental implantation is the installation of an abutment (transitional element) and a crown on the implant.

Benefits of Dental Implantation in Victoria Dent

  • No pain - thanks to computer anesthesia
  • The ability to perform surgery in a dream (under general anesthesia)
  • Guarantee of originality of the implant - we issue a certificate from the manufacturer
  • Strict adherence to sterility conditions and the Anti-AIDS / Hepatitis Protocol
  • Guaranteed a successful result

What are the sensations during dental implants?

Installing an implant feels like a single tooth extraction. Doctors make such a comparison when patients ask them what to expect from dental implant surgery. Although in fact, pain is even less, because the implant is implanted in the bone. But in the bone there are no nerve endings, that is, pain is not felt.

Anesthesia during dental implants

In most cases, artificial roots in our dentistry are implanted under local computer anesthesia. But for patients who begin to worry even before the start of the operation, sedation is performed with local anesthesia, that is, the patient is put into a state of drug sleep. Pain impulses are blocked, fear, anxiety go away. After a sedation about the operation, there are no memories left - neither good nor bad.

Strong fear, especially difficult treatment, complex dental implantation - in these cases, the patient can be put to sleep using anesthesia. Falls asleep with a toothless mouth, wakes up already with teeth.

Why should you go to the Victoria Dent Dental Implant Clinic in Kyiv?

In Victoria Dent dentistry (Victoria Dent) in Pechersk, they will tell you about the advantages of dental implants compared to dental prosthetics, help you compare the prices for dental implants in Kiev and choose the best implant from a foreign manufacturer.

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