Tooth cyst removal in Kyiv

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A cyst of the tooth is an inflammatory formation that forms on the root of the tooth and involves the bone tissue of the jaw. Ignoring this disease leads to tooth loss and the development of inflammatory processes, both on healthy neighboring teeth, and on the gums and jaw. At the Victoria Dent Dental Clinic, cyst removal is performed in Kyiv.

Causes of tooth cysts

There is only one reason for a tooth cyst - infection in the root canal. This can mainly be due to complications of deep caries. Often, a cyst occurs after poor-quality dental treatment - which is why it is important to choose the right clinic. In our Victoria Dent clinic, these treatment consequences are minimal!

Diagnosis and treatment of tooth cysts

It is quite difficult to diagnose a tooth cyst at an early stage since it does not manifest itself. It can only be detected with an x-ray of the jaw. As a rule, patients come with obvious symptoms - pain in the teeth, jaw, with swollen gums. But no matter what stage of the development of the disease you contact us, the specialist of our dentistry Victoria Dent will carry out qualified treatment to remove a tooth cyst in Kyiv. Although this operation is not easy, our doctors are professionals with extensive experience and experience, our equipment and medicines comply with all modern standards. Therefore, we are doing everything for an exceptionally positive result! In addition, after surgery, our specialists will give you advice on dental care, including to avoid relapse.

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