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Root apex resection

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Resection of the apex of the root of the tooth is an operation to eliminate part of the tooth root and eliminate pathologies in the root canal. This is a rather complicated surgical intervention, which is performed in cases when endodontic treatment (dental canal therapy) is not effective or ineffective at all. During the operation, part of the root is removed to the patient, while maintaining the integrity of the dental arch and the possibility of prosthetics.

How to perform a root apex resection

The first stage is rehabilitation. The doctor cleans and disinfects the dental canals and seals them to the top of the root.
Anesthesia follows - the patient himself chooses a convenient type of anesthesia. The operation is possible both under local and general anesthesia.

Finally, the resection itself. Having incised the gum, the doctor exposes the bone and eliminates the apex of the root with the affected tissues. Then the bone cavity is treated with medications that promote rapid healing, and the incision on the gum is sutured.

Indications for root apex resection

The main indications for removing the apex of the root are:
large pathologies (granulomas and cysts) on the tooth root;
lack of ability to conduct channel therapy (in particular, incorrect anatomy).

After resection, the likelihood of reinfection is minimized. Moreover, the saved tooth will become a reliable basis for the installation of the prosthesis.

Resection - contraindications

The operation to remove the apex of the root has a number of contraindications. Namely:
Pathology occupies more than a third of the tooth.

Anatomical features (the roots of the affected tooth are too close to the roots of neighboring healthy)

Destruction of the upper part of the tooth itself (this defect will not allow creating the basis for the subsequent installation of the prosthesis).

A sick tooth is very loose.

In addition, resection is not recommended for patients with bone thickness less than 0.5 cm due to the high risk of fractures. In general diseases such as diabetes mellitus, mental disorders, diseases of the cardiovascular and immune systems, root apex resection is also contraindicated.

Side effects

After the operation, chewing pain, swelling of the gums, sometimes a runny nose can occur, and in the case of surgery on the lower jaw, minor damage to nearby nerves. If side effects occur, consult your doctor. We must not forget about antibiotics - you need to take them, exactly following the doctor’s instructions.

Root apex resection in dentistry "Victoria Dent" in Pechersk

Resection of the apex of the root is a difficult operation, requiring good equipment and a certain skill of surgeons. In our dental clinic "Victoria Dent" there is both! Our doctors are professionals with many years of experience and experience, our equipment is ultramodern. The combination of the latest technology and highly qualified doctors helps us maintain an impeccable reputation. And the best thanks for our work are the reviews of satisfied patients!

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