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Eighth molars or, as they are popularly called, “wisdom teeth” are a common problem in most people. Those for whom teething wisdom does not cause pain and other troubles (or those for whom these teeth do not grow at all - and this happens) can be called lucky! But even such lucky ones are not immune from the need to remove the wisdom tooth . Why do the G8s create so many problems and often require removal?

Benefits of Surgical Dentistry at Victoria Dent

  • No pain - thanks to computer anesthesia
  • Possibility of surgical interventions in a dream (under general anesthesia)
  • Strict adherence to sterility conditions and the Anti-AIDS / Hepatitis Protocol
  • Guaranteed a successful result

What is a wisdom tooth?

The difference between the eighth molars and the rest of the teeth is that they do not have milk "predecessors" and cut out at the age when the jaw is already formed. Dentists and their patients have been arguing about these teeth for decades. The townsfolk often refer to "inherent in nature", while physicians tend to consider the eight as atavism. Despite the fact that these teeth are involved in chewing food, bite deformation does not occur when they are removed, chewing functions are fully preserved, there is no need for prosthetics.

Wisdom tooth removal Kiev
This is how removed wisdom teeth look

Why do eights hurt?

The main cause of pain during teething of the wisdom tooth is the gum is not prepared, because there were no milk teeth. Teething pain can also occur because the tooth does not grow properly, abutting the adjacent seven. Finally, already grown wisdom teeth are just as susceptible to caries, cysts and other pathologies, like everyone else. The exact reason why the wisdom tooth hurts can be established by taking an x-ray.

How wisdom teeth are usually cut

Indications for removing a wisdom tooth in Kyiv

It is necessary to remove the eighth molar in the following cases:

  • the tooth grows horizontally;
  • the tooth is positioned incorrectly and interferes with the adjacent seven;
  • the tooth crumbles and collapses during teething.

Also, wisdom teeth are removed in case of caries, pulpitis, and other diseases, since there is no special meaning in the treatment of figure eight.

X-ray picture of the jaw
X-ray picture of the jaw - a wisdom tooth is cut at an angle and moves the dentition

Removing a wisdom tooth in Kyiv Victoria Dent dentistry

You can’t say for sure how simple or difficult it is to remove a wisdom tooth. Each case is individual, it depends on the clinical picture, which shows a picture of the patient's jaw. If the eighth molar has already grown, and it is necessary to remove it due to caries or other pathology, then such a procedure will take very little time, it is carried out under local anesthesia, and recovery will pass quickly and in most cases without side effects. If the figure eight grows or is located incorrectly, immediate surgical intervention is recommended. In this case, an atypical removal of the wisdom tooth is performed, which can take place under general anesthesia. Recovery after such an operation takes some time, and during this period you need to strictly follow the doctor’s instructions.

Wisdom teeth removed
Wisdom teeth removed

Our dentists are professionals with many years of experience and a high level of qualification. Therefore, we guarantee each patient an individual approach before, during and after the operation to remove the wisdom tooth. The latest equipment is added to the high professionalism of doctors. All of these factors help us maintain an impeccable reputation and trust in our patients.

Painless removal of figure eight

Another indisputable advantage of Victoria Dent dentistry is computer anesthesia - a special device that allows you to anesthetize the treatment process without using a classic syringe with a needle. The child may not be afraid of injections - we do not. In addition, the device controls the amount of anesthetic and its pressure. The result is an almost complete absence of pain during anesthesia and the safety of the baby.

Computer anesthesia machine
Computer anesthesia machine

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