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Tooth extraction - features of the procedure

Wisdom teeth removed
Wisdom teeth removed

Tooth extraction is an unpleasant procedure, but sometimes necessary. It is important not only to remove the tooth without complications but also to ensure proper care of the oral cavity after surgery in order to avoid complications and for the speedy healing of the gums. Specialists in dentistry "Victoria Dent" not only carry out tooth extraction but also give detailed advice to the patient on all issues of oral hygiene after the intervention.

Painless tooth extraction

The indisputable advantage of dentistry "Victoria Dent" is computer anesthesia - a special apparatus that allows you to anesthetize the treatment process without using a classic syringe with a needle. The child may not be afraid of injections - we do not. In addition, the device controls the amount of anesthetic and its pressure. The result is an almost complete absence of pain during anesthesia and the safety of the baby.

Computer anesthesia machine
Computer anesthesia machine

Indications for tooth extraction

The most common reason why you need to remove a tooth is treatment without result. You can’t leave a bad tooth - inflammatory processes go to the jaw, touch the bone, and as a result, a complex and expensive treatment is required. Here are some more indications for tooth extraction:

  • the tooth is damaged and cannot be restored;
  • tooth grows abnormally, interfering with healthy neighbors;
  • the tooth interferes with the quality treatment or prosthetics of the adjacent tooth.

They also remove wisdom teeth that erupt and grow incorrectly, or are affected by caries.

How is the tooth removed in Kyiv ultrasonic?

The process of tooth extraction and bone healing

Under local anesthesia, the doctor loosens the tooth and removes it from the hole. If the tooth sits firmly in the gum, a small incision is made.

Under general anesthesia, wisdom teeth that have not yet erupted are usually removed, but the same operation can also be performed under local anesthesia. For such an operation, the gum is cut (if necessary, the bone is opened), the figure of eight is removed from it, after which the incision is sutured.

When the tooth is removed

The first time after tooth extraction, you must strictly follow all the rules of oral hygiene that the doctor tells, and if necessary, take the antibiotics prescribed by him. In the future, in order to avoid a "floating" bite and to restore full chewing functions, it is recommended to install an implant in place of the removed tooth, after consulting with a specialist.

Benefits of a tooth extraction with in Kyiv Victoria Dent

  • No pain - thanks to computer anesthesia
  • Possibility of surgical interventions in a dream (under general anesthesia)
  • Strict adherence to sterility conditions and the Anti-AIDS / Hepatitis Protocol
  • Guaranteed a successful result

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