Bone grafting in Kiev

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Initially, bone grafting (osteoplasty, bone augmentation) was used for fracture of the jaw to restore the bone and further rehabilitation. But today, this type of surgical intervention is widespread in dentistry. For osteoplasty, natural and artificial materials are used. Bone tissue growth is also carried out in our clinic "Victoria Dent".

What makes osteoplasty necessary?

The main factors contributing to the atrophy of bone tissue:

  • traumatic factors;
  • badly removed tooth;
  • inflammatory processes;
  • bone resorption due to malfunctioning of the chewing apparatus.

Also, the need for bone grafting arises due to individual anatomical features.

Bone grafting in Kyiv dentistry

Bone grafting has been widely used in dentistry. It is carried out under local anesthesia in order to preserve healthy teeth, restore the jawbone after surgery (bone tissue), it is often used in preparation for the installation of prostheses on implants (splitting of the jaw).

Materials for the operation

The most common type of osteoplasty is building using autologous material (bone chips after surgery, material taken from another part of the jaw bone). But they also often use special artificial materials that can not only strengthen the painful area but also stimulate the natural regeneration of bone tissue. In exceptional cases, another person may become a donor for such an operation; the practice of using bone material in cattle is also known. In both cases, the donor material undergoes all proper processing and sterilization.

Bone grafting in Kyiv at the Victoria Dent clinic in Pechersk

Among the range of services of our dentistry is bone grafting. Our experts provide an individual approach to each patient, and for the operation, they use modern techniques, equipment, the latest tools, and medicines. The doctors of our clinic also advise the patient in detail and in detail about oral hygiene in the postoperative period. Bone grafting in dentistry "Victoria Dent" is a guarantee of quality and your health!

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