Children's dentistry in Kiev

Pediatric dentist services at Victoria Dent Clinic in Pechersk

Benefits of Pediatric Dentistry at Victoria Dent


  • We treat milk teeth without pain - thanks to computer anesthesia;

  • We offer discounts up to 10% for treatment with the whole family;

  • Aquarium, video glasses with cartoons, an interactive tablet with games - all for the fun of a child;

  • We reward children with a diploma for courage;

  • We give a guarantee for all procedures;

Pediatric dentistry in Kiev

Sick teeth in children is a nightmare of any parent. Each mother tried to calm a crying child, each father was ready for anything to save him from toothache. However, everyone understands that it is impossible to solve the problem on their own, in such a situation the help of a specialist is needed - pediatric dentist .

Pediatric dentistry as a specialty appeared not so long ago. Several decades ago, any dentist who knows how to communicate with children (and sometimes does not know how) could treat a child’s teeth. In remote areas where the dentist is a luxury, this practice is still being observed. However, “pediatric dentistry” in Kiev is a common and important specialty.

Why exactly a pediatric dentist?

The child’s body is a complex system that is constantly changing. A child grows - his teeth and jaw grow, bite and face shape changes. To control this process and identify deviations in time, we need the special knowledge that dentists possess who have received the specialization of “pediatric dentistry”. Such a doctor will not only perform treatment of primary teeth , but will comprehensively study the condition of the child’s teeth, evaluate it taking into account age and physical development, advise what to do to keep the teeth healthy.

Our brave pediatric dentist patient with a diploma

What distinguishes the Victoria Dent clinic from other pediatric dentistry in Kiev?

The main rule of everyone in our dentistry is not to scare the child. In dentistry, Victoria Dent treats children without fear and pain. Our main task is to establish confidential contact between the pediatric dentist and a small patient, for this we carry out work on psychological adaptation before treatment. As a result, the child should stop being afraid of the dentist and will consciously fulfill all his requests during treatment and recommendations for dental care. At the same time, the child perceives the treatment as a game, the main character of which is himself.

In order for the child to be interested and not afraid in our dentistry, we have developed a comprehensive system of distracting measures that allow the child to forget that he is in dentistry:

- certificates issued for courage;
- cartoons while waiting and treatment;
- toys and games on the iPad;

Diploma for Courage and Toys for Little Patients

Another indisputable advantage of Victoria Dent dentistry is computer anesthesia - a special device that allows you to anesthetize the treatment process without using a classic syringe with a needle. The child may not be afraid of injections - we do not. In addition, the device controls the amount of anesthetic and its pressure. The result is an almost complete absence of pain during anesthesia and the safety of the baby.

Computer anesthesia machine

Pediatric dentistry at Victoria Dent Clinic is a confidence in the health of the child for many years.

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