Comprehensive plan of anti-epidemic measures

I Given the difficult sanitary and epidemiological situation, the Victoria Dent Clinic has developed and implemented effective anti-epidemic measures that ensure the required level of safety of dental treatment.

Приказ об усилении санитарного режима стоматологии

II Admission of patients is by appointment only, which excludes queues and other contacts.

Прием пациентов только по записи

III Treatment of hands with antiseptic at the entrance of the patient to the clinic, as well as washing hands with liquid soap in the offices and bathrooms.

Обработка рук на ресепшенеМытьё рук

IV Visual monitoring of the health of patients and medical staff of the clinic, including by remote temperature measurement.

Замер температуры

V Disinfection of surfaces of premises and objects of medical appointment of clinic, by a method of damp cleaning with use of antibacterial and antiviral detergents.

Дезинфекция поверхностей помещений

VI Treatment of offices and other premises with effective ultraviolet radiation. For what in offices and at a reception bactericidal ultraviolet recirculators of the closed type with the software management allowing to carry out air disinfection in the presence of patients and medical staff are established. Stationary and portable ultraviolet irradiators of open type are used in corridors and other premises.

Бактерицидный ультрафиолетовый рециркулятор 1Бактерицидный ультрафиолетовый рециркулятор 2Бактерицидный ультрафиолетовый рециркулятор 3Бактерицидный ультрафиолетовый рециркулятор 4

VII Treatment of medical instruments in a German autoclave of the highest safety category and high-level disinfectants.

АвтоклавДезинфекционные средства

VIII The clinic uses only modern digital equipment from leading global companies, with a high level of technological and biological safety. Also, disposable sets of tools for treatment.

Современное оборудованиеНаборы инструментов

IX Dentists and medical assistants perform treatment procedures only in personal protective equipment, which protects both medical staff and the patient from possible infections.

Cредства индивидуальной защитыВрачи-стоматологи