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In modern dentistry, the periodontist performs the functions of treating the oral cavity and works with the tissue that surrounds the teeth. Most often, the doctor has to deal with periodontitis and periodontal disease.

Functions of a periodontist:
- determination of the presence of periodontal pockets and their depth;
- tooth mobility;
- determines the amount and subgingival dental deposits;
- takes dental photographs and X-rays, which is necessary to establish a diagnosis, and may also order blood tests;
- based on the results of the examination, a comprehensive individual treatment plan is drawn up.

When do you need the help of a periodontist in Kyiv:
- bleeding gums;
- exposure of the roots of the teeth (lowering of the edge of the gums);
- the appearance of increased sensitivity of teeth to temperature stimuli;
- bad breath;
- inflammation of the gums;
- the presence of tartar;
- tooth mobility.

The main services performed by a periodontist in Kyiv dentistry Victoria Dent:
- treatment of gum disease;
- curettage;
- temporary splinting of teeth;
- professional oral hygiene;
- grinding of teeth;
- treatment of peri;

Our clinic uses one of the most modern methods of professional hygiene and maintenance of periodontal health - Air Flow. For each patient, we select an individual program of dispensary examination!

What can cause tooth sensitivity?
- acute carious lesion of the tooth;
- exposure of the roots of the teeth in periodontitis;
- pathological abrasion;
- the use of drugs and drinks with high acidity;
- aggressive teeth whitening;
- use of hard toothbrushes;
- hereditary features.

A periodontal treatment includes:

Removal of tartar with zone-specific curettes;

Gracie Hu-Friedy, root surface polishing, antiseptic treatment, and selection of toothpaste, brushes, brushes.

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