Correction of bite in Kyiv in children and adults

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Benefits of Bite Correction in Victoria Dent

  • We select an orthodontic system for every taste and budget;
  • We use the latest technologies for tooth alignment with the invisible cap Invisalign and EasyAlign;
  • We install all types of braces: metal, sapphire, ceramic;
  • We take on the most difficult clinical cases;
  • We offer flexible payment terms;
  • We give a guarantee on the result;

The very concept of bite correction used to be a sore subject for children and adults, but in today's realities of dental services it is a painless and fairly quick procedure. In dental practice, the concept of malocclusion is called the presence of contact between the lower and upper dentition in the position of central occlusion, and its manifestation can be insignificant or too noticeable.
The factors for the appearance of this pathology can be different, but the main one is direct heredity.

Why is the bite correction procedure necessary in Kyiv?
Definitely worth it, since a clear malocclusion can cause illness and aesthetic discomfort, and this is premature tooth loss and the development of periodontal disease. Correction of bite takes place in certain stages:
- the patient comes to the dentistry to the orthodontist, where he conducts an examination and gives recommendations on correcting the bite and choosing braces;
- then there is a fairly quick and painless installation of braces;
- after installation, the patient needs to visit the orthodontist for the process of regulation and control;
- bite correction lasts at least a year and a half, after which the doctor removes the braces, and you can enjoy your perfect smile.

Many people think that the bite correction procedure is only available to adolescent children, but this is not true, as there are numerous studies and direct experience of our patients. Bracket systems are recommended to be used depending on the age category.

What does Victoria Dent dentistry recommend when correcting an overbite in Kyiv?
- alignment of teeth with aligners with the Invisalign system using transparent aligners;
- professional installation of metal, ceramic and sapphire braces;
- bite treatment with dental plates;
- bite correction in Kiev with caps.

All our orthodontists in Victoria Dent dentistry are professionals in their field with extensive practical experience. The clinic uses modern equipment for diagnosis and treatment. We guarantee high results of treatment in compliance with the recommendations of doctors.

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