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Mouth guards

Dental alignment burls is a reliable and comfortable method for bite correction offered by Victoria Dent dentistry.

Capa is a removable orthodontic structure designed to straighten teeth. Aligning teeth with mouth guards is one of the reliable and fairly common methods. In the dental clinic Victoria Dent, diagnostics and dental treatment with mouth guards are carried out.

What is dental burl?

Tooth mouthpiece is a structure that is worn on top of the jaw. It is made by individual standards, taking into account the degree of impact on each individual tooth. Mouthguards have high aesthetic properties - they are not visible on the teeth with the naked eye.

Mouthguard: Use

A mouth guard for teeth acts on the teeth, giving them the necessary position. Treatment with mouthguards is used in cases where the clinical picture allows them to be used as an alternative to bracket systems. Also, mouth guards are used for additional correction of the bite after braces are removed. Finally, high aesthetic properties allow the use of mouthguards for teeth when, due to the specifics of the patient's activity, wearing braces is not desirable. The duration of treatment is individual, such a correction can take from several months to two years.

Correction of teeth by mouths in Victoria Dent dentistry

In the dental clinic Victoria Dent, teeth are corrected with mouthguards. Our orthodontists are highly qualified specialists with vast experience. For diagnostics we use the latest equipment, and for the manufacture of dental drops - modern environmentally friendly materials that fully comply with all current quality standards. We provide an individual approach to each patient and guarantee high results while observing the recommendations of our doctors. One such recommendation is a regular inspection every three weeks.

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