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The human jaw is so designed that the teeth can change their position throughout life. The bite “floats” after tooth extraction without subsequent prosthetics. The teeth have the ability to move and twist when teething wisdom - the "eights" free up space for themselves, as a result of which the entire dentition is shifted. Besides the fact that this is reflected in chewing functions, a smile loses its beauty and attractiveness. This problem is solved by installing bracket systems, the wearing periods of which are individual for each patient. To install braces in Kiev - welcome to the Victoria Dent dentistry!

What bracket systems in Kyiv are there

Braces themselves are a metal arc fixed to the teeth with locks. By location on the jaw they are divided into lingual (internal) and vestibular (external). The former are not visible to others, but it is much more difficult to care for them. The second - classic braces, familiar to the average man.

By fixing bracket systems are divided into self-ligating and rigid. The former align the bite and teeth several times faster, without requiring strong fixation, but their cost is much higher. The second are mounted on the teeth using locks in a static position. The process of their exposure lasts longer, but they cost less than self-propelled analogues.

Finally, according to the materials of manufacture of the bracket system are divided into:

- metal (the most affordable, but having an unaesthetic look);
- ceramic (are more expensive, but less noticeable due to the ability to make the color of teeth);
- sapphire (the most expensive, but not noticeable on the teeth).

Installation of bracket systems in Kiev

Before installing braces, it is recommended to undergo complete sanitation and oral hygiene. To fill in the teeth affected by caries, to remove a bad tooth or to install a prosthesis, to cure gum disease, to brush and whiten teeth. All this is not mandatory, but highly desirable, since the installed braces complicate the treatment process.

After complete rehabilitation of the oral cavity, the specialist takes a picture of the jaw, evaluates the condition of the teeth visually, and selects a braces system that suits the patient at a cost. Then the system is installed on the teeth. Duration of wearing depends on the degree of defect, age, and physical characteristics of the patient.

Braces Care

Braces do not require special care. It is enough to brush your teeth regularly with a paste, which a specialist will advise. Doctors also recommend brushing your teeth every time after eating to avoid the accumulation of small particles of food under construction and visiting the dentistry once a month to adjust the system.

Installation of braces in Kyiv on Pechersk Victoria Dent

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