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Bite defects that occur in childhood should be treated immediately until the jaw is completely formed. An incorrectly formed bite can have its consequences - a speech defect, a violation of masticatory functions, and finally, this is simply a serious aesthetic flaw. To avoid this, you need to correct the bite, and for this there is a special method - treatment of teeth with plates. Installation of plates on the jaw is carried out at the Victoria Dent Clinic.

Record and braces: what is the difference?

Today, bracket systems are widely used to align teeth and correct bite. What is the difference between these two designs?

Firstly, the plate is set mainly for children under 12 years old, while braces can be installed in late childhood and for adults.

Secondly, the plate acts on the entire jaw, and the effect of braces is distributed only on the teeth.

Unlike braces, the plate can be removed for eating, hygienic procedures and mechanical cleaning of the device itself. Braces are set and removed only by a specialist.

The effectiveness of the plate on the teeth has been proven by the long-term practice of treating occlusion by the plate. However, with a certain clinical picture (for example, the specific location of the teeth), its use may not give a result, so an experienced specialist will immediately recommend the installation of a bracket system.

How is the plate placed on the teeth?

After the initial examination, the orthodontist takes a cast of the jaw, on which the plate is modeled. After installing the device on the teeth, the patient regularly visits the doctor to examine and adjust the degree of exposure (you can adjust the pressure of the plate at home, strictly following the instructions of a specialist). The speed of achieving the result depends on the initial clinical picture and patient self-discipline.

Plate bite treatment in Kyiv Victoria Dent dentistry

In our dental clinic Victoria Dent, bite correction is performed with plates. For the diagnosis and manufacture of the device, we use the latest equipment and modern environmentally friendly materials that do not irritate the oral cavity. We provide individual comfort to each patient and regularly advise on oral hygiene while wearing the plate. Attention! Dentists Victoria Dent do not guarantee quick results in case of a low level of patient self-discipline!

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