Alignment of teeth by the Invisalign system (Invisilayn)

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A person’s bite changes throughout his life. Removal and prosthetics, teething wisdom, trauma to the jaw - these and other factors lead to the fact that the evenness of the dentition is disturbed. This not only causes discomfort and affects chewing functions, but also does not look aesthetically pleasing. Many people resort to installing bracket systems. But what if, for example, a profession requires a person to have a "clean" smile without metal? Invisalign tooth alignment technology comes with help using transparent mouth guards. This technology is also used in our dentistry Victoria Dent.

What are Invisalign Elayers?

The Invisalign system, developed by American scientists, is a whole complex of stages, which begins with an examination and ends with wearing transparent mouth guards for several months.
First, the orthodontist examines the patient and takes casts of the jaws. These casts and instructions for further treatment, compiled by a doctor, are sent to the laboratory for the manufacture of mouth guards (eliners).

Then, using 3D technology, a virtual treatment plan is created. In the course of work, the degree of influence of the eliners on certain teeth, the shape of the mouthguards and other parameters is calculated. Thanks to the latest technological advances, the patient can “look into the future” and see what his smile will be like after treatment.

When the mouthguards are ready, they are given to the patient. The doctor advises the patient on proper wearing.

Benefits of Invisalign Eliners

First of all, Invisalign mouth guards allow you to maintain an aesthetic appearance. They are not visible to others.

Transparent mouthguards are easily fixed on the teeth, without creating discomfort during chewing food and without affecting diction.

Compared to bracket systems, Invisalign teeth alignment is much faster.

Installation of Invisalign liners in Victoria Dent clinic

Our dental clinic uses the Invisalign tooth alignment technique. The doctors of our clinic are professionals with vast experience, our equipment is the latest imported devices. Our guarantees - an individual approach to each patient and a perfect smile after a course of treatment!

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