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The formation of dental deposits, subgingival bacterial film, the accumulation of bacteria at the joints of fillings and implants - all this leads to the development of periodontitis and even tooth loss. To avoid this, you should regularly undergo professional brushing of teeth and gums. Vector-therapy is a modern technique using an innovative ultrasound machine. Such therapy is carried out in Victoria Dent dentistry.

The development of periodontitis on a healthy tooth
The development of periodontitis on a healthy tooth

What is Vector therapy?

Vector therapy is an ultrasonic cleaning of teeth and gums using the Vector Paro apparatus. Unlike other methods, ultrasonic brushing has a minimal degree of trauma, and also has a lot of advantages.

The principle of the Vector apparatus: the tip, which is constantly supplied with fluid, breaks tartar due to ultrasound and removes plaque from the gum pockets. In this case, the enamel remains intact.

Benefits of Vector Therapy in Kyiv

  • deep impact, allowing you to clean not only the surface of the tooth, but also the subgingival space and the root zone;
  • painlessness - there are no pain effects during and after the procedure;
  • non-contact - ultrasound exposure occurs without direct contact with teeth and soft tissues, so neither one nor the other is damaged.
  • Contactlessness is also an advantage when working with implants.
  • Minimum contraindications. Toothbrushing by Vector Paro is allowed for older people and women during pregnancy and lactation.
  • Minimum required procedures. Sometimes even one is enough.

Video recording of the vector therapy procedure in our dentistry

Indications for Vector-therapy

Vector-therapy is indicated for the formation of tartar, plaque, subgingival bacterial film, the initial stages of periodontitis treatment, as well as in cases where the patient has contraindications to other methods of brushing your teeth. Vector-therapy is also indicated in cases where the patient has prostheses on implants.

Vector therapy in Kyiv at Victoria Dent Clinic

In our dental clinic Victoria Dent, dental procedures are performed with the Vector Paro device. Qualified specialists work with a device that meets all modern requirements and quality standards. The combination of the latest technology and the experience of our doctors allows us to provide a result that is tangible after the first procedure! Our experts will also give you advice on dental and oral care after the procedure.

Benefits of dental treatment in Victoria Dent dentistry

  • Treatment is carried out by qualified periodontists
  • Using the best equipment
  • Keep clean and sterile
  • We work exclusively with original materials from leading manufacturers
  • We give a guarantee for treatment

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