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Removal of a milk tooth in Kiev

Despite the fact that baby teeth fall out sooner or later, the conventional wisdom that early removal is not harmful is erroneous. The child needs milk teeth for the formation of bone tissue of the jaw and chewing apparatus. When they fall out in a natural way, there is no threat. If you remove the milk tooth prematurely, it can adversely affect the development of the jaw and the formation of the bite. Therefore, if there is no threat to the health of the child, it is better to cure the milk tooth. Removal is recommended only in cases where there are objective reasons and indications for this procedure.

Indications for extraction of primary teeth

Removal of a baby tooth in a child is indicated in the following cases:


  • poor resorption of the root of the milk tooth;

  • discomfort caused by a loose tooth when chewing;

  • neglected caries;

  • periodontitis, pulpitis;

  • diseases of the gingival tissues, the treatment of which is complicated by the presence of a milk tooth;

  • the milk tooth holds firmly in place when the molar tooth has already erupted.

Contraindications for extraction of primary teeth

It is contraindicated to remove milk teeth if:


  • the child is sick with SARS, the flu, whooping cough, chickenpox or scarlet fever;

  • there are inflammatory processes in the oral cavity;

  • the child suffers from diseases that cause blood clotting (hemophilia, leukemia);

  • a child has diseases such as heart disease or epilepsy.

Removal of primary teeth at Victoria Dent Clinic

First of all, our specialist will examine the young patient and say whether to remove the milk tooth. If removal is unavoidable, a pediatric dentist at Victoria Dent Clinic will perform this simple operation quickly and painlessly. In addition, the child and his parents will receive individual advice on caring for the children's oral cavity and preventing the onset of diseases and their complications.

Another indisputable advantage of Victoria Dent dentistry is computer anesthesia - a special device that allows you to anesthetize the treatment process without using a classic syringe with a needle. The child may not be afraid of injections - we do not. In addition, the device controls the amount of anesthetic and its pressure. The result is an almost complete absence of pain during anesthesia and the safety of the baby.

Computer anesthesia
Computer anesthesia machine

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