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Radiovisiography is an innovative method of dental diagnosis, which has found its application as an alternative to x-rays. A radiovisiograph is a device equipped with a special sensor that transmits an image to a computer in real time. Simply put, radiovisiography is an operative computer diagnosis of the condition of the teeth and oral cavity. Such diagnostics are successfully used in the Victoria Dent clinic.

Advantages of a dental x-ray in Kyiv

The first and most important advantage of a computer x-ray over traditional images is its high safety performance. Irradiation when using a radiovisiograph is 90% lower than when using conventional x-ray equipment. This indicator allows you to take up to 60 computer images per year.

A radiovisiograph allows you to examine each individual tooth in high resolution. Finally, the image on the computer makes it possible to see the most clear and most accurate clinical picture. And this happens in real time without having to wait until the film is developed.

Use of a radiovisiograph

A radiovisiograph is used to diagnose diseases of the teeth and oral cavity, as well as to control the quality of dental procedures - cleansing, filling, installation of crowns and implants, tooth extraction. On radiovisiographic images, carious cavities, the borders of the tooth and fillings (prosthesis, tabs), dental structures, foci of inflammation, as well as connective and bone tissues are clearly visible.

X-ray of a tooth in Kyiv by Victoria Dent dentistry

In our Victoria Dent dentistry, radiovisiography is used in all areas of surgical and aesthetic dentistry. Therefore, we can guarantee each of our patients the most accurate diagnosis and the most effective treatment, which is individually selected for each by our doctors - professionals with extensive experience and experience. And since radiovisiography accelerates the whole process, the treatment in our clinic will be not only highly qualified, but also as quick as possible.

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