Video glasses - watch your favorite movies at the dentist’s appointment

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Children enjoy watching their favorite cartoons during the dentist’s appointment.
Children enjoy watching their favorite cartoons during the dentist’s appointment.

Dental treatment is unfairly considered by many people to be an unpleasant, hard task. We try to break the stereotypes created and do everything so that a visit to the dentist for you and your children is easy, painless and comfortable.

Now, all interested patients during treatment can enjoy watching their favorite films, cartoons, educational and entertainment programs in individual virtual reality glasses.

When watching a video with glasses, you will get the impression that you are in front of a 52-inch screen, although in reality you will be sitting in a dental chair.

"British scientists have proven" or the effect of video glasses

Professors at once from three British universities conducted a study, dividing the patients of dental clinics into three categories. In the first there were those who underwent standard treatment, in the second - people who were shown an unfamiliar city with virtual reality glasses, in the third - patients who saw the sea beach in video glasses.

Studies have shown that patients wearing virtual reality goggles felt less stress compared to “ordinary” ones. At the same time, those who saw the beach and the sea noted less pain than those whose video sequence was an unfamiliar city. Thus, it was found that virtual reality with a relaxing effect most positively affects both the emotional background and the pain threshold of the patient. The use of video glasses makes the treatment more enjoyable and effective - after all, the emotional mood of the patient is of considerable importance!

Video glasses for patients at Victoria Dent Clinic

Virtual reality is almost universally used in leading European and world clinics. Our clinic Victoria Dent does not lag behind foreign colleagues and offers patients to immerse themselves in virtual reality during the treatment. All you need to do is trust your doctor (and all our doctors are highly qualified specialists) and focus on the footage. You yourself won’t notice how quickly and painlessly time flies in the dental chair! And we guarantee you effective treatment, positive impressions and good mood!

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