Dental treatment under general anesthesia in Kyiv (sedation in dentistry)

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What is dental treatment under general anesthesia?

In our dentistry in Pechersk, general anesthesia is used, which implies the introduction of the patient into medical sleep. During dental treatment under general anesthesia in Kyiv, you won’t be afraid of a doctor, pain or discomfort. Removal of teeth, implantation or prosthetics - the procedure will be quick and painless.

To carry out the procedure of introducing the patient into a state of drug sleep, we work with a team of anesthetists of the Dobrobut Medical Center.

Indications for dental treatment under general anesthesia (sedation)

  • Adults and children with an irresistible fear of experiencing physical pain;
  • Claustrophobia;
  • Allergic reactions to local anesthetics or their inefficiency;
  • Pronounced gag reflex;
  • Nervous system disorders, mental illness;
  • Conducting medical diagnostic procedures in the absence of productive contact with the patient and (or) his excitement;
  • Other diagnostic and treatment procedures that require sedation.

Indications for sedation (treatment under anesthesia) are determined by the dentist attending the doctor.

Contraindications for dental treatment under general anesthesia Kyiv

  • Full stomach (eating 4:00 or less before the procedure);
  • The presence of acute inflammatory diseases or chronic diseases in the acute stage, and not associated with future intervention;
  • Allergic reactions to medications or medical supplies that will be used during dental treatment under general anesthesia;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Alcohol or drug addiction;
  • Inability to provide reliable intravenous access;
  • morbid obesity;

The final decision is made by the anesthetist who will conduct sedation (anesthesia).

Prices for dental treatment under general anesthesia in Kyiv?

The price of dental treatment under general anesthesia in our dentistry is 3600 UAH per 1 hour of the procedure.

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