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Dental implants require impeccable accuracy in work. Further patient comfort, restoration of chewing functions, oral health, and the beauty of a smile depend on the correct installation of the implant. And even the most qualified dental surgeon can not always be extremely accurate. In order to carry out the implant installation operation as accurately and accurately as possible, the specialist uses a special surgical template for dental implantation. Such patterns are made and widely used in our clinic Victoria Dent.

What is a surgical template?

The surgical template for dental implantation is a removable capa stencil made individually for each patient, taking into account the peculiarities of the jaw and the clinical picture. Such a template is modeled on a computer, which allows you to accurately calculate the angle of inclination and position of the implant. The template is used directly during the operation, before which the surgeon reliably fixes it on the jaw of the patient.

Application of the surgical template

The surgical template is used almost always and everywhere. Depending on the clinical picture, the doctor will either offer the patient the use of a template (warning that it costs extra money, but with guarantee improves the quality of the final result), or reports that the use of the template is necessary. For example, when it comes to prosthetics of the front teeth, where the esthetic side is especially important, or when installing several implants at once.

Advantages and disadvantages

The disadvantages of the surgical template include the additional cost of time and money for its manufacture. But these two drawbacks are more than offset by the benefits! Firstly, the use of a surgical template ensures the accuracy and correctness of implant placement. Secondly, the design made of acrylic or polyester protects the gum from possible injuries during surgery, and, therefore, contributes to the speedy recovery.

Production of surgical templates in Kyiv dentistry Victoria Dent

Surgical templates in Victoria Dent dentistry are made using the latest modeling technologies and environmentally friendly materials that meet all recognized quality standards. That is why the installation of implants using surgical templates in our clinic is a guarantee of an excellent result in all respects.

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