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Dental photoprotocol Victoria DentNot so long ago, turning a dental office into a photo studio seemed something strange and unusual. Today, dental photo shoots (shooting before, during and after treatment) are a fairly common practice throughout the world. Using photographic protocols, the doctor can compare the clinical pictures of different patients or analyze the dynamics of one patient. In some clinics, dental photoshoots are mandatory throughout the treatment. The practice of creating photographic protocols is also used in our clinic Victoria Dent.

Why do we need a photographic protocol?

Photographs allow you to monitor the progress of treatment. They are carried out at all stages of implantation, hygiene procedures, treatment of gum disease. With the help of pictures taken at different stages, the doctor can track the dynamics and, if necessary, adjust the treatment program.

In addition, the dentist can use the pictures to compare the clinical pictures of different patients, analyze, take notes.

How is the photographic protocol compiled

Since dental photoshoots have become common, and somewhere mandatory practice, there are standards according to which photographs are taken. The patient is photographed full-face (with a smile and without) and in profile, a panorama of both jaws is taken in the closed and open state, the upper and lower dentition, the right and left dentition, as well as the upper and lower incisors in the lumen. For dental photo shoots, a wide-resolution digital camera, a macro flash and a set of reflectors and lighting devices are used.

Creating a profile photo before aligning the teeth to fix the position of the jaws

Dental photoshoots at Victoria Dent Clinic

In our dental clinic Victoria Dent, dental photo sessions are practiced. They are not mandatory, but, nevertheless, we strongly recommend that you not refuse this opportunity. The better the doctor sees your clinical picture and dynamics, the more opportunities for him to choose the most optimal and effective method of treatment for you. Our clinic uses first-class equipment - both dental and photographic. Our doctors are highly qualified professionals. The combination of high quality equipment and high professionalism of doctors is the guarantee of your successful treatment in our clinic!

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