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Gum plasmolifting is one of the most popular techniques in modern dentistry. This procedure strengthens the gums, stimulates blood circulation, gives the oral cavity a healthy appearance, and prevents inflammatory processes. The plasmolifting procedure itself is far from a novelty, but in the field of dentistry, it has become a real breakthrough. Gum plasmolifting is also performed in our dental clinic Victoria Dent.

What is plasmolifting in Kyiv dentistry?

The method of plasmolifting is the introduction of its own plasma into human tissues. Initially, this technique was used in cosmetology, and today it is also actively used in dentistry.

Plasmolifting improves the general condition of the gums, relieves inflammation (including after the installation of implants), prevents gum disease and tooth loss, has a high aesthetic effect. Human plasma is rich in amino acids, hormones, enzyme substances and vitamins - this is the main guarantee of the success of the procedure.

How is plasmolifting of gums carried out in Kyiv

First, about 15 ml of blood is taken from the patient. Then, using special devices, plasma is separated from the blood, which is then injected into the gums. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. A few days before plasmolifting of the gums, the patient should refrain from spicy and fatty foods, alcohol is also strictly prohibited.

Indications for plasmolifting

Plasmolifting of the gums is indicated in the following cases:

  • reduction of rehabilitation time after surgery;
  • local periodontitis;
  • complications after maxillofacial surgery;
  • preparation for implant placement;
  • prevention of inflammatory diseases;
  • slight tooth mobility.

Plasma lifting is also indicated as a general strengthening procedure.


Plasma lifting gums has a number of contraindications. This procedure should not be performed for patients with an allergic reaction to the components of anesthesia, as well as people suffering from HIV, hepatitis, diabetes mellitus, autoimmune and oncological diseases, metabolic pathologies.

Plasmolifting of gums by Kyiv dentistry Victoria Dent

In our dental clinic, Victoria Dent, plasmolifting procedures for gums are successfully performed. Each patient who does not have contraindications to such a procedure receives an individual approach and qualified service using absolutely sterile instruments and modern medicines.

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