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Digital dentistry is a new concept for residents of Ukraine, although the trend for digital technologies in medicine, and in particular in dentistry, is spreading all over the world. It’s too early to talk about robotic doctors capable of filling in a minute, but many processes and manipulations that were previously impossible or painful for the doctor and patient are accessible thanks to technology. Any good dentistry in Kiev has a laser microscope. Computer anesthesia is becoming the norm - without a syringe and pain, but with the tips of a robot. What is the next step?

A digital dental impression with the 3Shape Trios® Scanner is our answer. The intraoral scanner in dentistry Victoria Dent is the latest generation of equipment that allows the doctor to see and digitally record the condition of the teeth, gums and create a three-dimensional model of the jaw with maximum accuracy. The 3Shape digital scanner is used in the process of planning dental implants and dental prosthetics: using a computer, the dentist studies a digital model of the jaw in 3D, calculates the necessary space for dental implants, and forms the future shape of the prosthesis.

How to make a dental impression in conventional dentistry?

  • the doctor prepares the mass for the mold and puts it in a disposable spoon;
  • the spoon is inserted into the patient’s mouth and pressed firmly to the teeth;
  • the hardened mass, which has taken the form of teeth, is taken out;

The whole procedure can take up to 10 minutes, during which you must sit with your mouth open and full of impression mass, and the doctor constantly presses a spoon into your teeth. Not very comfortable, right? In this case, there is always a chance that the cast will turn out unsuccessful and the procedure will have to be repeated.

See and evaluate the benefits of treatment in digital dentistry.

What will I get by choosing digital impressions?


  1. Saving time - a high-quality digital print can be obtained in an average of 3-4 minutes, for a traditional print it will take about 10;

  3. Comfort during the procedure - the digital scanner almost does not touch the oral cavity and moreover does not exert any pressure, it does not need to be pressed down or “torn off” from the teeth;

  5. Confidence in quality - a digital print is ten times more accurate than a traditional one, it does not deform, does not distort, and does not change over time. Dental implants and placement of crowns using digital technology eliminates the human factor and minimizes the chances of error.

  7. Permanent access to information about your health - the print exists in electronic form, which means it can be sent by e-mail and repeatedly used in the further treatment process;

Why in digital dentistry Victoria Dent (Victoria Dent)?

Of the more than 800 dentists in Kiev, about 10 have a 3Shape Trios® dental digital scanner and only a few have a color. Dentistry Victoria Dent has just that. The advantage of a color digital dental scanner is the ability to assess the condition of all tissues in the oral cavity, notice the slightest inflammation by a color change, and automatically select the color of the future crown.

We also guarantee that our teeth will delight you and your loved ones for many years.

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