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The correct and effective treatment of the patient, as well as his further health and comfort, depends on the correct diagnosis. Establishing a diagnosis in dentistry requires a physician of the highest qualification, which will allow him, with a simple visual examination, to identify diseases and choose the right therapy. Science and technology have stepped forward, and today the dentist has a reliable tool and assistant - an intraoral camera. This latest tool has been successfully used in our Victoria Dent clinic.

What is an intraoral camera

An intraoral (intraoral) camera is a small device connected to a computer. Using the camera, the dentist examines the patient’s oral cavity, and the results of the study are displayed on the monitor in real time. Thus, the doctor sees a detailed and most complete clinical picture, without looking into the patient’s oral cavity. Images enlarged several times as accurately as possible convey such details as the color of enamel, the condition of the gums, the presence of chips and defects in the dentition, etc. The possibility of such a study ensures the correct diagnosis and, accordingly, the right choice of treatment.

Intraoral Camera Research Kyiv at Victoria Dent Clinic

The results of the study depend on the technical characteristics of the intraoral camera. The camera should have high resolution, backlight, as clear color reproduction. In our clinic Victoria Dent - only the latest modern equipment that meets all applicable quality standards. Therefore, having entrusted the study with an intraoral camera to our professional doctors with great experience, you can be sure that the results of the examination will be as objective as possible, and the course of further treatment will be as correct as possible for you!

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