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Dental treatment under a microscope gives a guarantee of the maximum accuracy of the doctor’s actions, and, therefore, guarantees the highest possible end result. Using a dental microscope makes it possible to most accurately see the clinical picture in real-time and select the most optimal therapy. Microscopic dental treatment in Kyiv is practiced at our Victoria Dent dental clinic.

What is a dental microscope?

A modern dental microscope is a device with built-in lighting that gives a clear picture at thirtyfold magnification. Using such a microscope, the dentist sees the real picture and acts on the basis of it. Therefore, dental treatment under a microscope in all respects and in all respects exceeds any intervention that occurs without an increase.

Стоматологический микроскоп
Dental microscope

Dental Microscope Application

A dental microscope allows you to examine in detail such nuances as the size of the cavity, the type and condition of the dental roots and canals, the presence of minimal chips and cracks. Often, a microscope is used to eliminate the shortcomings of previous poor-quality treatment, as well as for aesthetic restoration of the tooth, requiring maximum accuracy and subtlety of work.

In addition, this device is also used for diagnostics. Examination of the patient under a microscope allows you to most accurately identify problems, make a diagnosis and, accordingly, choose the optimal treatment, whether it is filling, cleaning of the canals or other intervention.

One of the undeniable advantages of canal treatment under the microscope is that the specialist works exclusively with affected areas of the tooth or tissues, without affecting healthy ones. This not only contributes to a higher treatment outcome but also significantly speeds up the recovery process.

Dentistry under the microscope in Kyiv dentistry Victoria Dent

At our dental clinic, Victoria Dent, we diagnose and treat teeth under a microscope. Doctors with a high level of professionalism and qualification work with an ultramodern device. Therefore, we guarantee each patient an individual approach and the best treatment with a long-term result. Our specialists also advise patients on the further care of their teeth and oral cavity after treatment.

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