Nylon dentures in Kyiv

Flexible and very aesthetic prosthesis

Nylon denture Kyiv
Nylon dentures - soft and flexible

For the first time, nylon dentures were used in America as temporary structures. However, today they are used for permanent use and such dentures are very popular because of their ease of use and ease of care. The manufacture and installation of nylon dentures on the teeth is carried out in our dentistry "Victoria Dent"

What is a nylon prosthesis?

Nylon denture is a flexible, removable structure that, with the help of clasps (hooks), is fixed to adjacent teeth. Modern materials and technologies for working with them allow you to make a prosthesis from nylon, visually no different from natural teeth.

Indications for the installation of dentures on the teeth

Nylon dentures on the teeth are installed in the following cases:

  • allergic to acrylic or metal;
  • sore gums;
  • the need for partial replenishment of the dentition.

Also, nylon prostheses are installed for people whose professions are associated with the risk of increased injuries (in particular, athletes), sometimes they are used as a temporary prosthesis before installing the implant.

Benefits of Nylon Dentures Kyiv

One of the main advantages of this type of dentures is hypoallergenicity. An equally important quality is the flexibility of the material. Due to this quality, the patient quickly gets used to the prosthesis - as practice shows, the full adaptation period lasts no more than a week.

The nylon prosthesis is completely unpretentious in care - after eating it is enough to remove it and rinse with water.

Finally, due to the fact that the color of the design imitates the color of the gums and teeth, the nylon prosthesis has high aesthetic properties.

The result of installing nylon prostheses in Kyiv our dentistry
The result of installing nylon prostheses in our dentistry

Disadvantages of nylon prostheses

The biggest drawback of nylon dentures is that they cannot be adjusted when worn. The only solution is a complete replacement.

In addition, the flexibility of the design does not allow it to be used to completely restore the dentition. It is because of the flexibility that the load on the jaw is not evenly distributed when chewing, and the chewing apparatus does not function properly. Therefore, the use of a nylon prosthesis for complete replacement of teeth is an extreme measure in the case when other types of prosthetics are impossible.

Installation of nylon prostheses in Kyiv Victoria Dent dentistry

Dental clinic "Victoria Dent" produces and installs nylon dentures on the teeth. Qualified specialists will not only create an artificial limb individually for you, but also give detailed advice on caring for it.

Benefits of dental prosthetics in Victoria Dent dentistry

  • Quality control of prosthetics at all stages of work
  • Possibility of manufacturing a denture using the CAD / CAM digital protocol in 2 days
  • Exclusively original materials from leading manufacturers
  • 12 month warranty on all dentures

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