Install veneers in Kyiv

Veneers are microprostheses whose purpose is to restore teeth from the aesthetic side. Prosthetics with veneers is an alternative to whitening, visually eliminates chips and cracks in enamel, in many cases it does not require special preparation and taking casts. To restore the shine and shape of teeth with the help of veneers, qualified specialists of the Victoria Dent clinic will help.

The result of installing veneers
The result of installing veneers in Victoria Dent dentistry - the smile changed and became perfect

The veneer is a small plate made of ceramic or, less commonly, composite material. The veneer has a small thickness, is easily fixed on the tooth with the help of a special fixation gel, does not require complicated care. To install it, the tooth is sharpened minimally - if the purpose of the prosthetics is to eliminate bumps and small chips, it is enough to take a cast and make a prosthesis on it. And most importantly - the veneer is not visible to others and does not create discomfort to the owner.

Installing veneers in Kyiv is often an alternative to tooth whitening, but the effect lasts much longer. Therefore, many patients prefer veneers to whitening procedures, as they will serve you for many years. However, the decision on the possibility or impossibility of installing veneer on the teeth is made by the doctor after examination.

Indications for installing veneers

Prosthetics with ceramic veneers are recommended in the following cases:

  • the presence of gaps between the teeth;
  • the presence of unaesthetic fillings;
  • presence of chips, cracks and other defects in the enamel of the front teeth;
  • significant discoloration of tooth enamel.
  • poor shape, tooth size

Contraindications for installing veneers

Despite the relative simplicity of prosthetics with veneers, there are a number of contraindications to this procedure, namely:

  • insufficient amount of tooth enamel;
  • bruxism
  • straight bite.

How are veneers installed in Kyi?

The installation of microprostheses is preceded by a preparatory phase. During it, the dentist examines the patient, decides on the appropriateness of using this technique, and gives recommendations if necessary. After that, the design color is selected.

The manufacture of veneers for teeth takes place in a dental laboratory. The biggest problem at this stage is the accuracy of the information that the technician receives, because he does not see his teeth live.

Dentistry "Victoria Dent" is one of the few clinics in Kyiv that uses a digital scanner to create a digital impression of teeth, which accurate to the tenth of a millimeter conveys all the features of the bite.

Trying veneers before installation
Trying veneers before installation

Timing of installing veneers on teeth:

Depending on the features of the manufacture of microprostheses, as well as on some other factors, their installation may require from 1 to 3 visits to the dentist and take from 1 day to 2-3 weeks. Composite structures are made by the doctor, the process of their formation, as a rule, does not take him more than 2 hours, while ceramic veneers are created in the laboratory in 1-2 weeks.

What is the cost of installing veneers?

In Victoria Dent dentistry in Pechersk, veneers for teeth can be installed at prices ranging from 6,000 UAH to 9,000 UAH per unit.

Installation of veneers in Kyiv Victoria Dent dentistry

The result of installing veneers
The result of installing veneers in dentistry "Victoria Dent" is a radical change in the appearance of the front teeth. At the same time, the teeth look as natural as possible.

Our dentists will help you regain the beauty and charm of your smile with the help of installation of veneers in Kyiv. We use only the latest equipment and modern environmentally friendly materials. Our doctors are specialists with vast experience and qualifications. We guarantee you an individual approach, quality service, and a beautiful radiant smile for a long time!

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