Implant prosthetics Kyiv

Implant prosthetics is gaining in popularity. There are several reasons for this. This type of prosthetics allows you to completely restore the chewing function, and the outwardly artificial tooth is no different from the present. Durability, aesthetics, reliability - these three qualities distinguish this innovative method. The installation of prostheses on implants in Kyiv is carried out in our clinic "Victoria Dent".

What is an implant prosthesis?

Externally, such a prosthesis cannot be distinguished from a natural tooth. In fact, it is a construction consisting of three parts:

  • a titanium implant that is implanted in the hole in place of the tooth;
  • a titanium head (abutment) that attaches to the implant;
  • crowns that are installed on the abutment.

Preparing to install a prosthesis on implants in Kyiv

Preparation for prosthetics is an individual process, depending on the state of health and the oral cavity of the patient. However, there are general rules that are the same for all cases.

First of all, oral cavity sanitation is carried out, in particular, the treatment of caries and inflammatory processes. Each patient is taught oral hygiene taking into account the peculiarities of the care of implant prostheses. It is mandatory to clarify the presence of other prostheses and metals previously used for prosthetics. The installation of different types of metal can lead to chemical reactions and their consequences.

If necessary, the patient undergoes bone grafting of the jaw.

The terms of treatment are individual, therefore it is impossible to say exactly how long the entire process will last from the first consultation to installing the crown on the abutment.

Technology Advantage

One of the main advantages of prosthetics on implants is the presence of reference points on which you can install not only a single tooth, but also a clasp prosthesis with artificial teeth. Such a prosthesis does not create discomfort for the palate, does not affect articulation and diction, fully performs chewing functions and looks completely different from real teeth.

Prosthetics on implants in Kyiv dentistry "Victoria Dent"

The combination of the professionalism of our dentists and the use of the latest high-quality materials and equipment allows us to provide qualified treatment and prosthetics on implants throughout the entire period, from the first consultation to the fixation of the prosthesis. We guarantee each of our patients an individual approach, high-quality service, quality and long-term operation of the dentures installed in our clinic.

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