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A dental insert is a type of filling. But, if the filling, which is usual and habitual for the average person, is modeled directly on the patient’s tooth in real-time, the tab for the teeth is made individually with the help of a tooth impression taken. Specialists of dentistry "Victoria Dent" manufacture and install dental inlays in Kyiv.

What is the difference between a tab and a seal?

The tab differs from the traditional seal not only in the way of modeling. Unlike restorations, prosthetics with dental tabs help restore up to 60% of dental tissue.

In addition, the gap between the tooth and the insert is much smaller than the gap between the tooth and the filling. Therefore, when using the tab, the risk of re-illness and further tooth decay is minimized. And thanks to its aesthetic and durable materials, dental inlays, from our clinic, are more resistant to chewing load and less deformed, compared to a filling.

Indications for installing a tooth tab

Dental tabs are installed with the following diagnoses:

  • tooth injury;
  • extensive caries;
  • dental dysplasia;

How to set the tooth tab

First, the doctor prepares the tooth by cleaning the cavity. Then, impressions of the diseased tooth and both jaws are removed. Further, according to these casts, taking into account the bite, a tab is made of material that is individually selected for each patient. The last stage is fixing the tab on the diseased tooth with special cementing materials.

What are the tabs for teeth in Kyiv

The most popular are tabs made of composite materials - durable, durable, and their cost is relatively low. Such tabs are gradually replacing ceramic ones - with high aesthetic properties, but fragile and quickly wearing out. Metal tooth tabs are rarely used. Firstly, not very aesthetically, and secondly, metal can cause an allergic reaction or damage a healthy tooth. Finally, synthetic tabs with relatively low strength indicators are most often used as a temporary measure in the process of treatment or prosthetics.

Tooth inserts in Kyiv Victoria Dent dentistry

The team of our dentistry is professionals with great experience. To treat our patients, we use the latest materials, modern equipment and the high qualifications of our specialists. The manufacture and installation of dental inlays in our clinic is a guarantee of the quality, durability and health of your teeth.

Benefits of dental prosthetics in Victoria Dent dentistry

  • Quality control of prosthetics at all stages of work
  • Possibility of manufacturing a denture using the CAD / CAM digital protocol in 2 days
  • Exclusively original materials from leading manufacturers
  • 12 month warranty on all dentures

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