Installation of a dental bridge in Kyiv

Installation of dental bridges in Kyiv

A dental bridge or bridge is a denture with the help of which the integrity of the dentition is restored in the absence of some teeth. This type of prosthetics allows you to restore chewing functions, and return the beauty and aesthetics to the appearance. Artificial teeth are made individually for each patient and externally do not differ from real ones. At the Victoria Dent Clinic, dental bridges are manufactured and installed.

dental bridges in Kyiv
The principle of functioning of the dental bridge

What is a dental bridge?

Dental bridge is a construction of crowns firmly interconnected. Such a prosthesis is attached to healthy teeth that surround the missing tooth with the help of hollow crowns that perform the functions of caps.

Dental bridges visualization
Dental bridges visualization

Why restore the dentition?

First of all, for aesthetic purposes. But, in addition to a beautiful smile, the installation of dental bridges is made in order to restore chewing functions and bite. In the absence of one or several teeth, the rest of the row is displaced, the bite is deformed, and as a result, a person does not chew food fully. One of the consequences of poor chewing of food is problems with the digestive system and the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, we can safely say that the installation of bridge prostheses is one of the prerequisites for proper digestion!

What is the dental bridge made of?

The most common material for making a dental bridge is zirconium oxide. This durable material, resistant to changes in acid balance, temperature extremes and mechanical damage, is also used in our clinic. As an alternative to zirconium oxide, cermet is used, which is cheaper, but its aesthetic properties are not inferior to zirconium oxide crowns.

An example of a finished dental bridge
An example of a finished dental bridge

Installation of dental bridges in dentistry "Victoria Dent"

The installation of dental bridges in Kyiv our clinic is a guarantee of quality, long life, and a radiant smile. After all, our experts have many years of experience and high qualifications, and for work, they use modern equipment and the latest materials that have a quality certificate. An individual approach is carried out for each patient, and the term for prosthetics is individual for each. Moreover, all patients, without exception, receive from our specialists detailed advice on the care of bridge prostheses.

Benefits of dental prosthetics in Kyiv Victoria Dent dentistry

  • Quality control of prosthetics at all stages of work
  • Possibility of manufacturing a denture using the CAD / CAM digital protocol in 2 days
  • Exclusively original materials from leading manufacturers
  • 12-month warranty on all dentures

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