Crown for a tooth in Kyiv

All see crowns: cermets, porcelain, zirconium

What is a crown on a tooth?

Crown on a tooth is a prosthesis that is used to restore the upper part of a tooth. A tooth crown is installed when treatment methods (fillings, deposits) that are more gentle for the tooth fail to produce results. Using such a denture, the shape and color of the tooth can also be changed. At the same time, dental crowns made in Victoria Dent dentistry using modern materials are almost impossible to distinguish from natural teeth.

Dental crown Kyiv
Dental crown made in Victoria Dent dentistry - looks like a real tooth

What are the crowns on the teeth in Kyiv:

  • Ceramic-metal crown. The steel frame of such crowns is faced with ceramic. The metal base and the top coating of medical porcelain give the crowns the characteristics that dentistry of our grandmothers could only dream of. Naturally, you cannot bite nails and uncork bottles with these crowns.
  • Metal-free or porcelain crown on a frame made of zirconium dioxide allows you to maximize the appearance of the tooth to the natural. These crowns perfectly imitate the natural "translucency" of the tooth. The technology is mainly used when crowns are needed on the front teeth, for which appearance and natural appearance are very important.
  • Solid metal crowns is a good option at an affordable price for prosthetics of chewing teeth located in the depth of the mouth. These crowns can be made of different types of alloys (chrome-nickel, chrome-cobalt or gold-platinum), they are very strong and durable, but their cosmetic properties, of course, leave much to be desired.
Metalless crowns on the posterior teeth in Kyiv
Metalless crowns on the lateral teeth - made in Victoria Dent dentistry

How are crowns placed on a tooth in Kyiv?

  • The first step is to remove the tooth nerve;
  • then the root canals are processed and expanded;
  • channels fill with hot gutta-percha;
  • after which they place the filling on the crown of the tooth;

After the tooth is prepared and (if necessary) treated, casts are taken from the corresponding areas of both jaws, which are then sent to the dental laboratory.

At the same time, in our dentistry we use revolutionary technology in the world of dentistry - the 3Shape intraoral 3D scanner, which creates a digital impression of teeth in our dental technology. At the same time, a unique accuracy in the transfer of the shape and characteristics of the teeth is achieved, which cannot be achieved using the classical method of taking impressions - biting spoons with silicone mass - up to 12 microns of error with the scanner compared to the error of 100 microns with a silicone impression.

The process of creating a digital dental impression for the subsequent manufacture of dentures Kyiv
The process of creating a digital dental impression for the subsequent manufacture of dentures

What is the result? The crown sits on the tooth the first time, the term of "getting used to" the crown is minimized. You do not feel discomfort and pain after installing the crown Kyiv.

Moreover, when using the digital method of manufacturing casts and crowns, it is possible to reduce the time for complete installation of the crown to 1-2 days.

Benefits of dental prosthetics in Victoria Dent dentistry

  • Quality control of prosthetics at all stages of work
  • Possibility of manufacturing a denture using the CAD / CAM digital protocol in 2 days
  • Exclusively original materials from leading manufacturers
  • 12-month warranty on all prostheses

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