Clasp dentures in Kiev

Clasp dentures are considered one of the best options for replenishing the dentition in case of damage or absence of extreme lateral teeth. Reliable fixation of the prosthesis provides a complete restoration of chewing functions and an even distribution of the load on the jaw. Also, such prostheses have high aesthetic properties and are unpretentious in care. Specialists of dentistry "Victoria Dent" are engaged in the manufacture and installation of arch prostheses.

What is a clasp prosthesis?

The word "clasp" - German, in translation means "arc". The design got its name because its "foundation", on which artificial teeth are attached, is a metal arc covered with a layer of acrylic. In addition to the clasp and teeth, the prosthesis includes artificial gums and fasteners - clasps or locks. Clasp prosthesis is made individually, based on the anatomical features of the patient's oral cavity.

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So the clasp prosthesis is attached

Indications for installing the prosthesis on the teeth

Most often, clasp dentures  in Kyiv are installed in the absence of posterior teeth. However, this type of prosthetics is often found in the absence of front teeth - this will require the installation of implants.

Clasp prosthetics are also indicated for malocclusion, rapid abrasion of teeth and periodontal disease - in this case, the prosthesis fixes loose teeth.


The installation of a clasp prosthesis is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • allergic reaction to materials;
  • severe atrophy of the jawbone;
  • deep bite;
  • inflammatory processes in the oral cavity;
  • lack of supporting teeth;
  • individual anatomical features of the patient.

Pros and cons of clasp prosthesis

The advantages include reliability of the design, full restoration of chewing functions, ease of care (no need to remove at night, regular brushing with a regular toothbrush is enough). In addition, the installation of the prosthesis does not interfere with the correct pronunciation of sounds and does not affect the taste perception of food.

A significant drawback is that an allergy to the metal is possible, the presence of which in the oral cavity causes discomfort for some time until complete adaptation. Plus, the clasps are not always able to hide, and their visibility betrays the presence of a prosthesis. All the advantages and disadvantages are weighed by the doctor and patient and make a joint decision based on the wishes and specific clinical situation.

Clasp prosthetics in Kyiv dentistry "Victoria Dent"

The manufacture and installation of arch prostheses in our dentistry is done by experienced professionals. Using the latest equipment and modern materials helps to create dentures that not only fully replace lost teeth, but also have a long service life. Each of our patients is guaranteed an individual approach and the quality of the result!

Benefits of dental prosthetics in Victoria Dent dentistry

  • Quality control of prosthetics at all stages of work
  • Possibility of manufacturing a denture using the CAD / CAM digital protocol in 2 days
  • Exclusively original materials from leading manufacturers
  • 12 month warranty on all dentures

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