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Before bleaching, it is recommended that you brush your teeth.!

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Laser teeth whitening

It is difficult to achieve a bright and shining whiteness of teeth at home. And the effect of home whitening does not last long. To give the smile a snow-white shade and maintain the effect for a long time, there is a solution - laser teeth whitening. This safe and fast procedure is carried out in our clinic "Victoria Dent".

How is the bleaching process?

  • we’ll talk about all available whitening methods
  • make sure there are no contraindications
  • we will examine the diseases of the teeth and gums
  • discuss the desired result

Then hygiene

Before the procedure, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive oral hygiene: ultrasound therapy, Air-Flow procedure and polishing. If there is no need to remove plaque or tartar, professional preparation of tooth enamel should be carried out - cover with a calcium-containing preparation saturating and restoring tooth enamel.

And finally whitening

In just 1 hour of the procedure, we will achieve teeth whitening up to 8 semitones. There is nothing interesting in the procedure and so that you do not get bored, the doctor will suggest you include a new series of your favorite series in video glasses or put your favorite music.

So the procedure itself looks step by step

Teeth whitening results in our dentistry

What is laser tooth whitening?

Laser tooth whitening is often confused with photo whitening. These two procedures are really similar, a special whitening gel is used for both. The difference is only in the methods of exposure: for one, light is used, for the second - laser. But, unlike light exposure, laser whitening does not overheat the tooth, respectively, the risk of pulpitis occurrence and development is minimal.

Benefits of Laser Teeth Whitening

The advantages of laser whitening are as follows:


  • the procedure takes no more than an hour, and at one time you can lighten your teeth to eight tones;

  • high level of safety in comparison with other types of teeth whitening;

  • maximum efficiency (in particular, complete removal of age spots);

  • with proper care, the effect lasts up to five years.

An important point: the whitening procedure acts only on the "native" teeth, but does not adjust the tone of fillings and crowns. If there are any, especially on the front teeth, after bleaching it is recommended to adjust the tone with veneers.

Contraindications to laser tooth whitening

Laser tooth whitening is contraindicated for people with brittle enamel and high tooth abrasion, suffering from multiple caries and periodontal disease. Also, you can not whiten your teeth with an allergy to drugs and the first six months after removing the bracket systems. The laser whitening procedure is strictly contraindicated for minors and women during pregnancy and lactation.

Laser whitening at the Victoria Dent Clinic

Any procedure that has an aesthetic character is associated with a certain risk, and two factors can minimize this risk: the availability of high-quality equipment and the qualification of the specialist conducting the session. Our dentistry "Victoria Dent" has both modern equipment, and the latest drugs that meet all quality standards, and doctors - professionals and masters of their craft. Thanks to this, we guarantee each patient the quality and safety of laser whitening in our clinic.

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