The price of teeth whitening in Kiev

Digital Dentistry "Victoria Dent" in Pechersk

Before bleaching, it is recommended to perform brushing teeth!

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3000 UAH for two jaws

Cosmetic dentistry every year more and more in demand and popular. Many dream of a Hollywood smile, but a very small percentage of people can boast of whiteness and brilliance of their teeth. To give the enamel high esthetic properties, photobleaching is used - processing and cleaning of teeth with a gel and a lamp. The result is already visible from one session. Teeth whitening is done at our Victoria Dent dentistry.

How is the bleaching process?

  • we’ll talk about all available whitening methods
  • make sure there are no contraindications
  • we will examine the diseases of the teeth and gums
  • discuss the desired result

Then hygiene

Before the procedure, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive oral hygiene: ultrasound therapy, Air-Flow procedure and polishing. If there is no need to remove plaque or tartar, professional preparation of tooth enamel should be carried out - cover with a calcium-containing preparation saturating and restoring tooth enamel.

And finally whitening

In just 1 hour of the procedure, we will achieve teeth whitening up to 8 semitones. There is nothing interesting in the procedure and so that you do not get bored, the doctor will suggest you include a new series of your favorite series in video glasses or put your favorite music.

So the procedure itself looks step by step

Teeth whitening results in our dentistry

Contraindications to teeth whitening

Photobleaching is contraindicated if the patient:


  • not reached the age of 18;

  • has multiple caries;

  • has a large number of crowns and fillings in the front of the dentition;

  • suffering from diabetes, cancer, neuropsychiatric disorders, blood diseases;

  • has individual intolerance and is allergic to bleaching preparations;

  • wore a bracket system, less than six months have passed since the removal.

Also, teeth whitening with light is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women.

Photo-whitening of teeth in dentistry "Victoria Dent"

The photo-whitening procedure is associated with a risk of overheating of the teeth, which leads to the development of pulpitis. The only guarantee of the safety of light whitening is the professionalism and high qualification of the doctor. Our dental clinic employs exclusively professionals with vast experience. The combination of their qualifications with the latest equipment and materials makes photo-whitening of teeth in our dentistry high-quality and absolutely safe!

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