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Before bleaching, it is recommended to perform brushing teeth!

Chemical teeth whitening in Pechersk

Chemical tooth whitening is becoming increasingly common in the field of aesthetic dentistry. Reasonable prices, the ability to carry out the procedure at home, a brilliant effect in all senses make bleaching with chemistry popular and in demand. Chemical teeth whitening is carried out in our clinic "Victoria Dent".

What is chemical tooth whitening?

Like other whitening procedures, teeth whitening chemically is carried out by applying a special tool. But, unlike the laser and light method, the whitening gel acts without a catalyst (in some cases, if necessary, use a lamp or laser to enhance the effect). The active substance is carbamide peroxide, which removes pigments and gives whiteness to enamel. Depending on the desired result and gel concentration, the procedure lasts from 30 to 60 minutes. In one session, you can lighten your teeth by eight tones.

How is the bleaching process?

  • we’ll talk about all available whitening methods
  • make sure there are no contraindications
  • we will examine the diseases of the teeth and gums
  • discuss the desired result

Then hygiene

Before the procedure, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive oral hygiene: ultrasound therapy, Air-Flow procedure and polishing. If there is no need to remove plaque or tartar, professional preparation of tooth enamel should be carried out - cover with a calcium-containing preparation saturating and restoring tooth enamel.

And finally whitening

In just 1 hour of the procedure, we will achieve teeth whitening up to 8 semitones. There is nothing interesting in the procedure and so that you do not get bored, the doctor will suggest you include a new series of your favorite series in video glasses or put your favorite music.

Results of teeth whitening in our dentistry

Chemical teeth whitening - pros and cons

The main advantage of chemical whitening is its relatively low cost. The quick result, the ability to carry out the procedure at home and the healing effect are added to it. The gel used for chemical whitening not only brightens the teeth, but also nourishes them.

The disadvantages include the fact that the whitening gel can cause allergies. In addition, in comparison with other types of whitening, the effect of "chemistry" is less durable - with proper care, the result lasts no more than three years. Finally, there are several more contraindications to chemical bleaching than to other types.


In addition to an allergic reaction to the drug, contraindications to chemical whitening are:


  • under 18 years old;

  • pregnancy and lactation;

  • extensive caries;

  • crowns and dentures;

  • the presence of teeth restored using pins and ceramics;

  • inflammatory processes in the oral cavity;

  • periodontal disease;

  • less than half a year after using bracket systems;

  • wedge-shaped defect;

  • erosion of tooth enamel;

  • high tooth abrasion

  • increased tooth sensitivity

Chemical teeth whitening in dentistry "Victoria Dent"

To achieve the desired result without risk to the health of the teeth and gums, it is extremely important to choose the right gel concentration and duration of the session. The doctors of our clinic are highly professional and qualified. The best confirmation of this is the feedback from our grateful patients!

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