Save up to 25% when installing implants with a crown

Turnkey implant MegaGen (Korea) for a stock for 14,999 instead of UAH 19,500 when installed without a stock;

Turnkey implant Osstem (Korea) for 14999 instead of UAH 19000 when installed without a promotion;

The turnkey implant MIS (Israel) for 14999 instead of UAH 19,000 when installed without a promotion;

Turnkey implant Straumann (Switzerland) for 32,499 instead of 42,000 UAH when installed without a promotion;

Get up 25% discounts on implant placement along with a “turnkey” crown and forget about dental problems forever

The price of the service includes:

Initial consultation with an implantologist and preparation of a treatment plan;

Implant, gingiva former, MegaGen or Straumann abutment;

Performing an implantation operation;

Installation of a crown on an implant;

Imprinting, anesthesia, suture removal are included;

Detailed terms of the promotion:

  • Mandatory pre-registration;
  • First you need to take a CT scan (in any laboratory in the city, we will provide a referral);
  • At the first visit, it is necessary to make a full prepayment for the service;
  • The clinic reserves the right to change the cost of the service when the exchange rate of the US Dollar and Euro is more than 10%;
  • Restoration of bone tissue, plastic of mucous membranes, sinus lift and other additional (optional) manipulations are not included in the price;