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Even though fearsome chairs and drills have disappeared from modern dental surgeries, and current dentistry has everything necessary for quick and painless treatment, there is one “but” that causes patients to have phobia. Phobias, which, in turn, becomes the reason for postponing a visit to the dentist. This is anesthesia.

The very sight of the syringe already scares the patient and makes him nervous, while for the best result, the patient needs peace of mind. Computer anesthesia is an innovative method of anesthesia, which is also used in our dentistry Victoria Dent.

Computer anesthesia machine
Computer anesthesia machine

What is computer anesthesia?

Computer anesthesia is performed using an apparatus with the Single Tooth Anesthesia System (STA) function. The principle of operation of the apparatus is based on the use of dynamic pressure control technology. The technology allows the device to deliver an anesthetic drug at a speed that is lower in its parameters than the pain threshold. Therefore, the patient does not experience discomfort and pain directly during the administration of anesthesia. In addition, the use of computer anesthesia allows you to more accurately calculate the dosage and location of exposure.

Benefits of Computer Anesthesia

The main advantage is the psychological calm of the patient. The absence of a syringe eliminates the stress factor. Foreign studies show that fear rates for patients who have been given painkillers using computer anesthesia are 90% lower than those given a traditional injection.

In addition, hardware anesthesia allows you to maximize localize the effect and anesthetize the area where treatment is necessary. Finally, computer anesthesia has no contraindications for use by pregnant women and people with high blood pressure.

Computer anesthesia in Kiev - Victoria Dent dentistry

The psychological comfort of the patient is extremely important to us, because this is one of the keys to effective treatment. Therefore, computer anesthesia is actively used in our dentistry.

Before starting treatment, we always suggest that patients choose an anesthesia option. However, as practice shows, more and more often our patients choose computer anesthesia as the most effective and sparing method of pain relief compared to the traditional injection.

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