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  • Prosthetic implants

Prosthetic implants

Prosthetic implants

Prosthetic implants are an innovative way to restore teeth. Prostheses on the implants allow not only to achieve a good aesthetic effect, but also completely restore the chewing function. The implant is the only prosthesis that functions in the same way as an alive tooth, and is capable of withstanding significant loads when chewing.

How the prosthesis is arranged on implants:
1.The project consists of three parts:
2.Introduced in the hole of the missing tooth of the titanium implant;
3.The abutment is a titanium head that is screwed to the implant and is the base on which the crown will be placed.
4.Artificial crowns, completely imitating a real tooth in color and shape.

The use of prosthesis on the implant will allow the artificial tooth to be fully used: it will be indistinguishable from the “relatives” neither visually nor functionally.

Removable dentures on implants are securely held in place. Due to the presence of support points, it becomes possible to use modern clasp removable prostheses, which are a metal arc with attached to it artificial teeth. Such prostheses do not violate articulation (pronunciation of sounds), they are not perceptible in the mouth (in contrast to plate structures, the basis of which occupies almost all the hard palate).

Finally, removable dentures on implants, fixed to the anchor points with the help of modern locks, attachments, do not yield to real teeth in aesthetic terms.

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