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Cystectomy is an oral surgical procedure for removing the periapical lesions of teeth or abscesses, granuloma, and various cysts. The mentioned formations or changes are visible at the root of the tooth and are most frequently noticed with a panoramic x-ray when a patient comes to a dentist because of great pain and swelling.

Changes that demand a cystectomy are infective changes or abscess and granuloma, post-traumatic changes or traumatic cysts and various abnormalities or developmental cysts.

Oral cysts are cavities covered with tissue and can appear in the jaw or the soft tissue (for example in the cheeks). Oral cysts occur because of a constant infection, which occurs on the top of the root.
The infected teeth are most frequently due to poor oral hygiene or not treating cavities on time.
Recently, genetic heritage has also been mention regarding oral cysts along with other various hereditary syndromes.

It is very important to emphasize that the patient feels the first symptoms when the cyst is already in an acute condition and the pain begins. The symptoms of oral cysts are:

– Changes in the color of the tooth
– A large cavity which has not been treated
– A bump on the bone (jaw) above the tooth
– Fistula
– Pain, swelling, redness around the tooth

If one of the stated changes was diagnosed, it is necessary to remove the change as soon as possible so it does not grow and spread to neighbouring teeth. Without treatment, the tooth structure could weaken, damage healthy teeth, spread to the sinuses and nose and cause great infections on the face.
Cystectomy is performed with local anesthesia that means the procedure is completely painless for the patient. The oral surgeon, during the procedure, completely removes the cyst, shortens the top of the root and closes the root canal. If the cyst has spread to a larger part of the root, then it is necessary to remove the tooth and remove the cyst. Stitches are removed a week after the procedure.

  •  After surgery, it is necessary to put a cold compress on the place of procedure to reduce swelling
  •  Taking painkillers recommended by a dentist in the case of pain
  • Taking antibiotics to shorten the postoperative recovery
  • After 7 days, stitches are removed, and all this time it is necessary to maintain maximum oral hygiene and brush around the wound with gentle movements to remove plaque
  •  Gargling with sage tea, salt water or antiseptic
  •  In the case of mild bleeding from the stitches a damp bag of tea can be applied on them (black tea is recommended)
  • After the procedure, it is preferable to eat liquid food, hot drinks and hot food should be avoided
  •  It is recommended to avoid smoking immediately after the procedure
  • It is recommended to avoid alcohol consumption

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